As I was sitting on my couch this morning, the Today show on my TV, my blinds open, coffee in hand and pup at my feet I began to think about being thankful and how I was surrounded by things to be thankful for everyday but often forget the blessings that have been abundantly poured out over me.

Sitting on my couch I started to think about the sign that is hanging over the desk in our office, it says "Our house is just a little house but God knows where we live". Oh what a powerful statement. Our house may be a little house, but it's warm, it keeps me dry when rain is falling outside, it has cabinets full of food in the kitchen and a sweet husband and pup that fill its walls every single day. No, it may not be as big as the house around the corner or have Anthropologie housewares scattered about. But by golly it is a darn cute house, one that I'm proud of, and one that was a huge blessing that the Lord gave to Josh and I.

I have a closet that I can actually walk-in to, but I'm certain it's not a big as some. It's not spilling over with J Crew clothes and doesn't have Kate Spade purses on every shelf. Pair after pair after pair of Tory Burch shoes don't fill my shoe rack. But I love that closet, I love going in to it each day and picking out what to wear. My kitchen cabinets aren't full of name brand foods. But they provide me with the ability to make dinner for my family every night. My bathroom drawer isn't full of Essie nail polish. But it is full of nail polishes (most of which my mom gifted to me, thanks mom!) that I take joy in pampering myself with.

Not to mention that loving husband of mine. I could live in a cardboard box with that man and I'd still be as happy as a clam. Marriage is a beautiful and wonderful blessing. I'm so thankful for my marriage. Sure we may not be taking vacations to extravagant places every other weekend like some people but our weekends filled with PJs, cuddles, good conversation and tag-team house cleaning mean more to me than any extra-awesome vacation we'll ever take. We still have "dumb phones". There is nothing even close to smart about our cell phones and I tell him daily I think it keeps up humble...and present. When you don't have instagram, twitter, and facebook to scroll through constantly you end up paying a little more attention to the people who are actually sitting right in front of you. (And yes this means I tweet *gasp* from a computer!) But my phone helps me stay connected with my friends and family via text and calling, and that is a blessing.

In this season of Thanksgiving I've been reminded lately that "Comparison is the thief of joy". That statement is so true I can hardly stand it. While we are in this fleeting season of Thanksgiving I want and need to be more intentional with the things I am thankful for. Big or small, because so many people do without everyday. Not just in the holiday season but every single day of the year. May I always be thankful and have a heart to give. What is the point of my blessings if I'm not sharing them with others?

I'm so glad the Lord moved in my heart this morning as I was sitting in the quiet. I should open my ears to Him more often.

Happy Friday, beautiful friends.

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  1. You wrote this so beautifully, girl. I love it so much! We sound a lot alike, and I'm so glad you're able to find joy in the small things with your husband. The last paragraph reminded me of a post I recently wrote about me catching myself in a silly comparison, thought you'd enjoy. http://mykindofyellow.blogspot.com/2013/11/my-silly-little-meltdown.html

    Happy early Thanksgiving, dear!


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