I can only afford polka dots from J Crew

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Being in blog land for almost two years now, it seems like every blogger on the face of the earth adores J Crew and their closet is filled to the brim with items from there. I have a couple things from J Crew, but they all came from thrift stores and cost much less. It's a mixture between not being able to afford J Crew and the thought of "you gotta be kidding me, they want HOW much for that sweater? those shoes? that bag? that necklace? there is NO way I'm paying that" when I look at their price tags. I'm a bargain shopper by nature, what can I say.

Well, on the way back from our honeymoon in Hilton Head we stopped at an outlet mall and I wandered my way into the J Crew there. I literally looked at nothing in the front and went straight to the back...I always know where the sales racks are! While I didn't find anything on the sales rack, I did find these very cute polka dots tights. I have had polka dot tights on my "want list" ever since last fall but never found any I liked. Just so happened that I really liked these and they were cheap (ish) and they were another 20% off of their original price! So I grabbed them and headed to the counter and proudly pranced out of there with my J Crew brown bag in hand.

And while we're on sales talk...I scored these booties from Express last January for a whopping TEN DOLLARS! And I have worn the heck of them. Listen to me, do your winter shopping mid-January and you will spend at LEAST 70% less than normal, I promise you!

I'm waiting to hear the news that they're having another one of those, what do you call it?...Warehouse sale? That thing where they have all of their clothes piled on tables and like shirts are all a certain price, pants a certain price, etc. Maybe I can score some good deals and finds there and be cool like the rest of blogland ;)


  1. I love J.Crew but I am with you that I do not own a large number of things since I am a bargain shopper as well. I tend to buy from the outlets and look at the clearance with an additional sale or they have had pop up warehouse sales in my area where I have grabbed dresses originally over $200 for $20.

  2. I'm so with you on loving everything but being able to afford nothing. I tend to go to their outlet once a year where I pick up a few items. I just can't justify spending 80$ on a long sleeve cotton top.


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