We went to the fair & we're officially old

The fair just wrapped up and husband and I headed out there on opening day and came home with a reality check...I'll get to that at the end. I'm feeling like a numbered list for this post would be a good way to approach it.

1. We went on opening day because it was a $1 to get in. The traffic we sat in to get there was unimaginable, but worth sitting in to get in for a $1 as opposed to $7 a piece.

2. There are some chaaaaaracters at the fair, have mercy. Good people watching, probably the best around I'd say. Other than the mall around Christmas time.

3. Fair food, while delicious, is so expensive. Like make you cringe expensive.

4. The rides are so old. I'm not one to be real paranoid about rides and amusement parks and such but these rides just stress me out. I'm just certain they are going to break down at any minute. We were in line for the crazy mouse and what do you know, just up and BROKE! We jumped the gate and got out of line, just in case you were wondering.

5. Grossness. The fair is just gross.

6. The animals always look so sad. We went by the petting zoo, being the animal lovers that we are, and I legitimately walked away depressed because I just know the animals were sad. You could see it in their eyes, poor babies.

7. Josh and I literally looked at each other one time and said "Why isn't this any fun?" HAHAHA!

8. I think we have finally reached our "we're going to pass on the fair until we have kids to bring" stage.

So, we went to the fair. Spent all of our money. Saw some sad animals. And decided we were done with it for at LEAST the next 5 years.

So there's that. Thank you for many good years, SC State Fair. Be back...with babies...a long time from now.


We're married and old.

Happy Hump Day!


  1. This made me giggle so much! I love it. The NC state fair is in town and we are debating going, leaning towards no... you're right, lots of money and grossness... not my favorite! I guess it's all about the experience, right?! Oh geez. I love your salutation. We use that as an excuse all the time!

    Sincerely, your fellow "married and old" blog friend :)

  2. We went to a festival this year and had a very similar experience. About halfway through the husband looked at me and said "would you be disappointed if we left?" I laughed because I was getting ready to ask him the same thing. We're old too; you're not alone :)


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