TGIF, seriously.

Either October already hates me or this week hates me...I'm not sure which one yet. I'm really hoping just the week hates me and that the whole month of October does not.

Josh and I tried out that net10 wireless service. Worst decision of our lives. I was without a phone for a few days and it was SUCH a pain in the butt and the customer service is t e r r i b l e. So by the grace of the Verizon lady, she got my number switched back (just 24 hours before it was gone FOEVA) and now all is right in cellular land. Except for the fact that we have to send all of the net10 stuff back and I BETTER not have to fight them for a refund. Also, my mom is a rockstar. No kidding. That woman can make ANYONE in customer service do ANYTHING, even the impossible. You rock mom, and always, seriously always, save the day. When in a pickle, call mom.

This morning I was walking in to work and just as I was stepping onto the sidewalk in front of our office I felt myself starting to fall and thought to myself "what the heck..." and next thing you know I have face planted on the cement, a rock shoved into one of my hands, the other one is bleeding, and my knee...oh my knee...looks like I just spent the entire morning on the playground with a bunch of first graders. Totally bloody and gross. And it gets better...my cup went FLYING down the sidewalk...clang clang clang...is now scraped up on the bottom and half of the lid chipped off....and my purse also went flying down the sidewalk...and I wore a skirt today...that was practically up around my neck when I fell and giving the world a show of my panties...great.

But the oh-so-sweet people I work with doctored on me, even went to the store for extra first aide stuff and we set up an operating room in the kitchen and a coworker did surgery on me. My boss even came in with gloves on, haha! He told me to tell the hubs that I got in a fight at the copy machine at work...and I told him I was only sticking to that story if I got to tell the hubs that I won the fight.

So anyway, awesome Friday. A big glass of Sangria will be poured when I get home and I will sit my behind on our deck and do nothing. It'll be perfect.

Here's to a much better weekend, friends!

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