One Month

Today marks one month of married bliss for Josh and I! It seems like we got married just yesterday and a year ago all at the same time. Funny how life can make you feel that way huh?

It's hard to remember life before living in the same house, even though we only have a month under our belt. This month has been the best one of my life. My love for that man grows every single day, it's incredible. The love, patience, kindness, and encouragement that he shows to me day in and day out blows my mind. He puts me before himself always and it is so humbling.

Being married is the best, it truly is. Having a partner to journey through life with could not be any sweeter. The laughs and smiles that have filled our house over the past month have been contagious and I hope they never end.

In just one short month marriage has taught me how to love more, how to be kinder, how to support and encourage, and how to pick my battles, among many other things.

I wish we could go back and do our wedding day over and over again...I'm ready for our video to come so I can watch it nonstop!

Josh, I can't wait to experience many more months with you, sweet husband. You make my life a little brighter with each passing day. You love me so much more than I deserve, and I am so thankful for that. I am so thankful for you. The Lord poured out His blessings over me by bringing you into my life, that I know for sure.

I hope we have many more months filled with grocery store trips, bathroom dance parties and sing alongs, bed cuddling, house decorating, Sunday morning coffee, prayer and bible studying, sweet morning and night kisses, and tag team dish washing. These are just a few of my favorite things from our first month of married life. You make me so proud to wear my wedding band and my heart melts a little every time I catch a glance of the ring on your finger.

We're going on a date to one of our favorite restaurants tonight and I feel certain we'll play our first dance song while we dance around the living room at some point tonight. I think we're even going to read our vows to one another again...and I can't wait!

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  1. Happy One Month!! Have a wonderful dinner.

    The photo is just stunning.

  2. So happy for you both. Happy 1 month :) What a beautiful photo.


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