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While our house is still a work in progress, and probably always will be, we have made a lot of progress since we moved in over a month and 1/2 ago now (crazy!). Today I'm giving you the tour of our entryway and our living room.
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We got lucky with our house because the walls in all of the rooms are neutrals or soft colors. The living room is tan, the kitchen is light green, hallway is tan, master bedroom-tan, the office is a light blue and the guest bedroom a light green. So, all that being said, we didn't have to paint. HALLELUJAH! I hate painting...and I also hate paying people to paint.
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The entryway is definitely still a work in progress. The C hanging on the wall was the guest book at our wedding and I'd love to do a fun collage around it, a gallery wall of sorts. Smart husband said that it looked like it needed a frame around it or something...has he been on pinterest? A great frame with the glass taken out would be PERFECT around the C, way to go hubs! I made the Hey Y'all print on picmonkey and LOVED the way it turned out. I'm debating on finding a little entryway table to go under it, I'm feeling like it will probably be one of those pieces you just have to stumble upon one day.
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I decorated for fall at the beginning of October and plan to leave all of these decorations up  until after Thanksgiving. And if the husband agrees, our Christmas tree will go up the day after Thanksgiving! Need time to enjoy that beauty before it has to be packed up again until the next year.
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I really have no idea how I would describe our style. For the living room I ended up going with tans, browns, blues, grays, and little touches of yellow. When the cornucopia isn't in the middle of the coffee table we have a brown tray with gold studs on it with glass in the middle and a "C" in blue and yellow tones.
We just bought the shelves on each side of the TV from Target and oh my word, Target hits the spot with most things but THESE SHELVES...oh these shelves. The WORST thing I have ever gotten from Target. They are Threshold brand and please stay away. By the grace of god we got these things up, and I truly don't know how we did it. Now that they are up, they look great and I love them but it is not worth the hassle with these shelves, just trust me. Stay far, far away. But, I do love the look they give to the living room, it adds some dimension. We didn't have a lot of places to sit "knick knacks" and pictures but these shelves definitely do the trick. Minus the 10+ hours we spent on them...yes, it was that many. After about hour 3 we got on target.com to read reviews....and every single review gave these shelves one star, people hated them. Sure wish I would have read them before hand. Target, you failed me this time.

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My parents gave us our furniture, it was in their back den, and it is my favorite furniture in the whole entire world. On both the couch and the loveseat the legs come up just like a lazy boy and are perfect for napping or watching football games. And I can't forget Josh's favorite feature, the middle of the couch pulls down and holds drinks and stuff. Aka his lunch time eating place on the weekends, haha!
The pillows on the couch are one of my favorite parts of the living room. I love the pattern in the bigger ones and what I love even more are the smaller chevron sparkle ones.
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I'm also a huge fan of the tray ceilings and the lights above the mantel, one of my favorite features of the house, although there are quite a few characteristics of the house that I adore. 

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Husband decided to partake in the photoshoot of the house...by photobombing. You can catch him on the daily sliding up and down the hall in his socks...dancing up and down the hall in his socks...we keep it lively around here.

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We are so proud of our little house and have enjoyed making it our own. Being a homeowner is quite the adventure. I love how cozy it feels and to have a nice place to come home to everyday, thank you Lord for the blessings! Next on our tour will be the kitchen. Happy Tuesday, friends!

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  1. Your home is gorgeous! I love the shelves on either side of the TV!


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