Hey there October

Well hello October, nice to see you...or is it?! I sure am happy for a new season to be here but goodness gracious alive, time if flyyyying. Slow down a little, would you please?

I've got to pump the brakes on my wedding recaps for now...because I don't have pictures to accompany the text, but as soon as I do, they'll be posted! This past weekend was nothing short of wonderful. The hubs and I bought new patio furniture with some of our wedding gift cards and I may or may not have sat on it most of the weekend, the weather here was b e a utiful! We ran errands Saturday morning, taking back some duplicate gifts we got for the wedding, then we hustled home for the noon kick off of the Carolina v. UCF game, per usual Carolina gave us a heart attack and I don't think Josh sat the entire game. I watched the game and cleaned the house, put on zero makeup all day and wore yoga pants and a gamecock tee...that is my kind of Saturday attire, friends.

By the way, do you know JUST how glorious it is to wake up on a Saturday morning to your husband laying beside you?! It's wonderful and excellent cuddle time. We also had hot dogs and chicken nuggets for our meals on Saturday, we call it our "weekend food", I don't hate it.

Sunday we attended our first church service as husband and wife! Whoop whoop! Then we took back more wedding gifts, ate lunch with my family at Outback, then back to our house we went, we immediately jumped into PJs and watched NFL games the rest of the afternoon...and did laundry. I think laundry just might be my least favorite chore. Mom and dad went to a flower show on Saturday and found HUGE, gorgeous mums for $5 a piece! Say what?!? They went back and bought us 2 on Sunday and now our house looks perfectly "fall-ish". Speaking of our house, I am itching to do a tour of it soon, but I reaaaaally want to wait until we get our wedding pictures back and then get some printed.

We ended the weekend watching some trash tv (thank goodness because I watched football ALL.WEEKEND.) and I started "A Praying Wife" before bed, I'm so excited to dive into it.

As we usher in October today. here are my favorite moments from September:

Bachelorette Party

Rehearsal & Rehearsal Dinner



Here's to you October, I hope you're a great one.

The fair comes to town in a few weeks and it's one of mine and Josh's favorite fall activity. We also need to jump on buying and carving some pumpkins and I want to get some pumpkin flavored goodies popped into my oven :)

Happy October, sweet friends.

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