Halloween without looking like a pumpkin

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Let me start this post by saying that as I was going in to put my pictures in, blogger decided to delete EVERYTHING I had already written for this post...thanks Blogger, appreciate it. Moving on, lets try this thing...again. 

It's Halloween week! I love holidays and I love dressing for holidays. However, I do not like looking tacky for them, so I try to incorporate the holiday without going overboard. This scarf is my tried and true for Halloween. I worked in a womens boutique in high school and I believe I bought this my junior year and I've worn it every Halloween since. 

This outfit is perfect for work on Halloween and your coworkers will still know that you love celebrating holidays :) 

I adore the little leopard like pattern of this scarf and the mix of oranges, blacks and silvers. Plus, it's starting to get good and chilly here in SC and I can't help but snuggle in a scarf! So cozy and keeps me nice and toasty in my freezing office at work. I  found these black jeans/leggings a few weekends ago and I think I'm going to wear the mess out of them this fall and winter...I may have bought 2 pair for when the first pair wears out ;) Josh calls them jights (jeans/tights) haha! I have been searching forever for black not-jeans-not-leggings pants to wear with my boots and long sweaters and cardigans and bingo, these do the trick! I've also been letting my hair do its thing naturally here lately and I can't say I hate it. I was starting to feel really bad for all the because I had been KILLING my hair with the blow dryer and straightener so I decided to give it a little bit of a break...and I get to sleep longing in the mornings, win win!

Do you have a tried and true piece that you incorporate into your work wear every Halloween?

Josh and I made a big purchase this weekend, I'll let you guys in on what it is later in the week. Just say a prayer we survive, ok? HA! It's not that serious but a prayer would be nice ;)

Here's to hoping your weekend was a fabulous one and that Monday is showing you a bit of kindness!

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  1. so you're telling me you don't have to do anything and your hair looks THAT fabulous?! So jealous, I love it! :)


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