Finding Adventure Close to Home

Josh and I are on what we like to call a "newlywed budget" which also translates to penny pinching...anyone else feel me? Come on, I know you do...go ahead and raise your hand...please, for my sanity.

That being said, I find myself longing to go to other cities, explore new places, eat at a new restaurant, etc. Especially when you jump on the internet on Monday morning and see that all of your blog friends seemed to have all jetsetted for the weekend to somewhere beautiful, magical, tranquil, etc.

So to combat that, when you don't have to money to scoot out of town every weekend, why not find adventure outside your front door? Now that my husband and I have established somewhat of a routine, I find myself longing to find some activities to do together that are out of our everyday norm and routine, places to go now that we are married. Fall has always seemed like a great season to me to go out and explore.

Here a few things that are close to home that Josh and I can partake in this fall:
-visit a pumpkin patch
-go to the local market downtown on Saturdays
-drive an hour and a half north to the upstate and go hiking for the day
-browse Living Social and Groupon during the week for ideas/coupons for activities
-Columbia has a website called "famously hot" that outlines activities going on the city for the week/month
-go to a corn maze
-try a new restaurant in town

While I long for routines and think they are essential for everyday living, I also think that it is easy to become stagnant in a routine and while Josh and I are embracing our honeymoon stage, I also want us to be able to take adventures and explore together during this time

It's a fine balance between routine, becoming stagnant, and becoming too busy. But I think with time and preparation, you can find a perfect balance between them.

P.S. I've sworn 4 times today that it was Wednesday...but when I woke up this morning I could have sworn it was Friday...long week? TGTF...that's Thank God Tomorrow's Friday, just in case you were wondering.

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  1. You are so right. Even in the not married but dating a long time stage, you sometimes get into the everyday living stage and forget to do fun and exciting adventures every now and then. I should make a little list for some things I can do close by to home!!
    Yay for Friday tomorrow!


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