Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from the Colvins! Remember I told you earlier this week Josh and I made a big decision this past weekend...well here he is! We adopted this cutie on Sunday! He's a black lab mix, 2 years old and his name is Murphy. We hope you have a great Halloween!



Woah buddy. Y'all....the amount of wife fails that I committed yesterday was absurd. Josh reminded me during the craziness that we were still newlyweds and this kind of stuff is supposed to happen. Thank goodness for supportive husbands, amiright?!

So here's how my wife fails went down. I'm sitting at work around 4:00 and it dawns on me that I totally forgot to put meat out for dinner, we were planning on having tacos. Let me mention that this has to be the 47th time I've done this since we've been married. I text Josh and he's all "its alright, maybe we can put it in some hot water and cook dinner a little later." That's a good man, folks.

I get home and  go to get the meat out of the fridge and GUESS WHAT? No meat to be found, none. I literally searched the freezer like someone had hidden it from me. I would have bet my life that we had some in there. So we resort to chicken nuggets...that we have had for the last two nights. Sigh.

So dinner is going to be chicken nuggets, broccoli and rice. Best dinner ever, obviously. I fill the pot with water and put the rice in, let it boil, once it starts boiling I turn it down and cover it and let it sit. In the meantime I put the broccoli in the microwave to steam.

Everything is done cooking and I go to scoop out the rice and it is SOUP. I'm talking straight soup, you couldn't even see the rice. Want to know why? Because it called for TWO cups of water and I just stuck it under the faucet and filled the pot up about half way. Sigh, again.

We figure something out with the rice, husband to the rescue on that one. Dinner is on the table and Josh goes to eat his broccoli...and it's brown...and cold. WHAT THE HECK?!? I just took it out of the microwave where it was there for seven minutes...seven minutes! It has to be hot after seven minutes!!!

Goodness, so we're having chicken nuggets for the third night, soupy rice, and cold broccoli. Bon appetit? This wife business sure does creep up on me some days, no doubt.

And while we're here talking about fails I guess I should go ahead and mention that about 2 weeks ago I cooked a frozen pizza...on cardboard. It came out of the oven and I was thinking to myself "this thing sure doesn't look cooked all the way" so we sit down to eat it and the blasted thing is COLD! Wouldn't ya know that you're not supposed to cook it with the cardboard under it?

And another, just for laughs. I was making chicken alfredo one night and I had cooked the chicken, it looked delicious and was ready to go. I also had my broccoli ready to throw in (properly cooked this time I might add). Meanwhile, Josh is in the living room and I said "hey babe, all my stuff is ready what next?" (I'm a totally newbie at this cooking biz) and he said "ok good, is the pasta ready?" Y'all, my mouth HIT the floor I TOTALLY FORGOT TO MAKE THE PASTA!!! How do you forget the main part of chicken alfredo?!?! Oh my gosh, I literally didn't say a word when he asked me and ran back into the kitchen frantically searching for a pot and ripping the fettuccini from the cabinet.

Go ahead and laugh now, because I'm not making these mistakes again!...at least for another week or two ;)

The best part about all of my wife fails? The hubs always comes to the rescue and helps me laugh it all off. Don't know what I'd do without that man.


Halloween without looking like a pumpkin

 photo 004_zpsc72cb34c.jpg  photo 005_zps9ca9ea7b.jpg  photo 008_zpsb22281b0.jpg  photo 009_zps96259a8a.jpg  photo 012_zps8dc87878.jpg

Let me start this post by saying that as I was going in to put my pictures in, blogger decided to delete EVERYTHING I had already written for this post...thanks Blogger, appreciate it. Moving on, lets try this thing...again. 

It's Halloween week! I love holidays and I love dressing for holidays. However, I do not like looking tacky for them, so I try to incorporate the holiday without going overboard. This scarf is my tried and true for Halloween. I worked in a womens boutique in high school and I believe I bought this my junior year and I've worn it every Halloween since. 

This outfit is perfect for work on Halloween and your coworkers will still know that you love celebrating holidays :) 

I adore the little leopard like pattern of this scarf and the mix of oranges, blacks and silvers. Plus, it's starting to get good and chilly here in SC and I can't help but snuggle in a scarf! So cozy and keeps me nice and toasty in my freezing office at work. I  found these black jeans/leggings a few weekends ago and I think I'm going to wear the mess out of them this fall and winter...I may have bought 2 pair for when the first pair wears out ;) Josh calls them jights (jeans/tights) haha! I have been searching forever for black not-jeans-not-leggings pants to wear with my boots and long sweaters and cardigans and bingo, these do the trick! I've also been letting my hair do its thing naturally here lately and I can't say I hate it. I was starting to feel really bad for all the because I had been KILLING my hair with the blow dryer and straightener so I decided to give it a little bit of a break...and I get to sleep longing in the mornings, win win!

Do you have a tried and true piece that you incorporate into your work wear every Halloween?

Josh and I made a big purchase this weekend, I'll let you guys in on what it is later in the week. Just say a prayer we survive, ok? HA! It's not that serious but a prayer would be nice ;)

Here's to hoping your weekend was a fabulous one and that Monday is showing you a bit of kindness!


Pumpkin Bread

A few days ago Christina at Carolina Charm  posted the easiest pumpkin bread recipe. Last year I fell in love with any and everything pumpkin and haven't looked back since! I hadn't done any baking in our new kitchen yet and I was itching to fill the house with yummy aromas. Pumpkin is my favorite smell in fall so I knew I had to make this recipe!

 photo 007-Copy_zps4eac2224.jpg

It's only two ingredients-- one box of spice cake mix and one can of pumpkin. Literally, the easiest recipe ever. Now, I know this might be silly, but I wasn't sure if you had to mix in everything (like eggs, water, and oil) with the cake mix and pumpkin, as if you were making a cake, but you don't. All you need is the actual cake mix and the can of pumpkin.

 photo 011-Copy_zpsc455ed32.jpg

Stir the mixture together really good. It's a little difficult because it's so thick but it'll get there. I added a good bit of cinnamon to my mixture because Josh and I love cinnamon and I think it mixes so well with the taste of pumpkin.

 photo 008-Copy_zpsada604d3.jpg 

Set your oven to 350 and bake for approximately 40 minutes. I checked mine at 40 minutes and when I stuck the toothpick in, it was anything but clean. I gave it another 10  and then it was good to go.

 photo 010-Copy_zpsbdef31c1.jpg 

After it came out of the oven I let it cool for about 5 minutes then I sprinkled powdered sugar  and a touch of cinnamon over it and cut myself and the hubs a piece and oh it was heaven! So good and the easiest recipe of all time. And did I mention how good our house smelled?

 photo 012-Copy_zpse1f09420.jpg  photo 013-Copy_zps63000580.jpg  photo 014-Copy_zpsc40d0e3d.jpg

I bought these adorable leaf plates and ribbon at Dollar Tree to package up some bread for my mom and granny. The bread turned out so well that we're thinking about making a loaf for all of our neighbors on our street and hand delivering them and introduce ourselves since we haven't met everyone yet!

 photo 017_zpsd5b7fadf.jpg


We went to the fair & we're officially old

The fair just wrapped up and husband and I headed out there on opening day and came home with a reality check...I'll get to that at the end. I'm feeling like a numbered list for this post would be a good way to approach it.

1. We went on opening day because it was a $1 to get in. The traffic we sat in to get there was unimaginable, but worth sitting in to get in for a $1 as opposed to $7 a piece.

2. There are some chaaaaaracters at the fair, have mercy. Good people watching, probably the best around I'd say. Other than the mall around Christmas time.

3. Fair food, while delicious, is so expensive. Like make you cringe expensive.

4. The rides are so old. I'm not one to be real paranoid about rides and amusement parks and such but these rides just stress me out. I'm just certain they are going to break down at any minute. We were in line for the crazy mouse and what do you know, just up and BROKE! We jumped the gate and got out of line, just in case you were wondering.

5. Grossness. The fair is just gross.

6. The animals always look so sad. We went by the petting zoo, being the animal lovers that we are, and I legitimately walked away depressed because I just know the animals were sad. You could see it in their eyes, poor babies.

7. Josh and I literally looked at each other one time and said "Why isn't this any fun?" HAHAHA!

8. I think we have finally reached our "we're going to pass on the fair until we have kids to bring" stage.

So, we went to the fair. Spent all of our money. Saw some sad animals. And decided we were done with it for at LEAST the next 5 years.

So there's that. Thank you for many good years, SC State Fair. Be back...with babies...a long time from now.


We're married and old.

Happy Hump Day!


I love the Weekends

Weekend recapping is going down on Tuesday this week because I had to gush over my one month anni with my husband yesterday. Missed it? Look below, there's a wedding photo!

This past weekend was nothing short of perfect. Friday night we did adult things, such as taking some wedding gift cards and purchasing a new trash can and a scale...wild, wild Friday. We really should be ashamed of ourselves, ha! After we got home, it was dark and drizzling and that stellar husband of mine grilled steaks for us regardless. We had a delicious dinner that night!

 photo 005_zps18d123b9.jpg
Saturday morning this contraption happened. We have a huge window in our master bedroom that lets in a ton of light. On the weekends we don't welcome that light very kindly so hubs took matters into his own hands and created this. Worked like a charm.

 photo 004_zpsf8cb3f18.jpg

Saturday we got up and had a wonderful breakfast. We made hashbrown patties, hubs made eggs and cut our strawberries all fancy and he even finished off my steak from the night before. Later my mom and granny brought us over some Christmas decorations they found at a yard sale. (Hallelujah for scoring Christmas d├ęcor, less to buy!!). I made a DELICIOUS pumpkin bread, that I'll be sharing the recipe for this week. Then we sat on the couch and watched football all day long.

 photo 003_zpsf4e69e03.jpg
 photo 002_zpsbca9b8c2.jpg
 photo 001_zpsc6852724.jpg

Gamecocks lost, I'm looking at YOU SPURRIER! Oh, Josh was hot! He stormed out into the front yard to hit his golf club to cool off after the game, I may or may not have stood at the window and giggled. Hey, it was cute. He paced the living room the whole game and just yelled and yelled at the TV.

Speaking of football...WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED THIS WEEKEND?! Carolina lost, Georgia lost, LSU lost, A&M lost and Mizzou is in the drivers seat of the SEC East. Excuse me, what?! Yeah, I don't know either. Waaaaaay strange things went down in football land this weekend.

Except, what wasn't strange was that FSU demolished Clemson (I'm chopping right now if you were wondering). Josh and I got out our Braves tomahawks and chopped until our arms fell off Saturday night. We're not big fans of Clemson, if you were questioning that before now. And while I'm on the topic of Clemson, why oh WHY do they ride around in their buses before they run down that stupid hill and touch that stupid rock? I will never know. Clearly, as you can tell, I think everything about Clemson is stupid, ha!

 photo 018_zps31639cc3.jpg

Sunday we got up and sat on our porch in the chilly morning air and had pumpkin bread and coffee before getting ready for church. After service we hit up Wendys for some chili and then hit the links for the mister to play some golf. Mom made the equivalent of a Thanksgiving dinner for us that evening and we all ate till we were stuffed, it was delicious (thanks Mom!). Afterwards we took the puppies for a walk then headed to our casa.

 photo 002_zpsb6efc36e.jpg
 photo 001_zps642ee506.jpg
 photo 008_zpsf5e2dcc7.jpg
We jumped into jammies, finished thank you notes, I got a random cleaning kick, and Josh rigged up his computer to the TV in the office/man cave/blogging room so that he could watch the Broncos and Colts game while I caught up on trash TV. That only lasted a little while because the Kardashians were a stinking re-run so I willingly gave up the TV and hubs came out of the man cave. I wrapped up the night doing the She Reads Truth study of James, love it!
 photo 023_zps0241b5ac.jpg
 photo 003_zps399fb0f8.jpg

It was a wonderful weekend. A wonderful weekend indeed.


One Month

Today marks one month of married bliss for Josh and I! It seems like we got married just yesterday and a year ago all at the same time. Funny how life can make you feel that way huh?

It's hard to remember life before living in the same house, even though we only have a month under our belt. This month has been the best one of my life. My love for that man grows every single day, it's incredible. The love, patience, kindness, and encouragement that he shows to me day in and day out blows my mind. He puts me before himself always and it is so humbling.

Being married is the best, it truly is. Having a partner to journey through life with could not be any sweeter. The laughs and smiles that have filled our house over the past month have been contagious and I hope they never end.

In just one short month marriage has taught me how to love more, how to be kinder, how to support and encourage, and how to pick my battles, among many other things.

I wish we could go back and do our wedding day over and over again...I'm ready for our video to come so I can watch it nonstop!

Josh, I can't wait to experience many more months with you, sweet husband. You make my life a little brighter with each passing day. You love me so much more than I deserve, and I am so thankful for that. I am so thankful for you. The Lord poured out His blessings over me by bringing you into my life, that I know for sure.

I hope we have many more months filled with grocery store trips, bathroom dance parties and sing alongs, bed cuddling, house decorating, Sunday morning coffee, prayer and bible studying, sweet morning and night kisses, and tag team dish washing. These are just a few of my favorite things from our first month of married life. You make me so proud to wear my wedding band and my heart melts a little every time I catch a glance of the ring on your finger.

We're going on a date to one of our favorite restaurants tonight and I feel certain we'll play our first dance song while we dance around the living room at some point tonight. I think we're even going to read our vows to one another again...and I can't wait!

 photo DSC_0348_zps21bb5e2a.jpg


Count it all as JOY

I'm currently in the midst of doing the She Reads Truth study of James. It just began but man, on day 2, it sure rocked my world in such a powerful way. If you aren't currently in a bible study I SO encourage you to join along at shereadstruth.com!
Day 2 was entitled "get well soon" and the scripture readings were:
Text: James 1:2-4, 2 Corinthians 12:9-10, Hebrews 12:7-11, Romans 8:35-39, Isaiah 53:3
What was discussed were the valleys of life. The times when it seems like darkness is just closing in on your life, nothing seems to go right, and it's trial after trial after trial. My mindset in these times is "HURRY LORD GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!" I can imagine that a lot of us have a mindset that is very similar to that. And why shouldn't we? Why should we want to stay in the valley?
Let me tell you why, we should REJOICE, yes rejoice, in times of hardship. Why? Because there is NO better opportunity to grab onto the Lord and rely on Him for strength! It is in these times when we have such a huge chance to grow and fertilize our relationship with the Lord. We always need Christ, but it really seems like we need Him in times of darkness and what could be better than needing Him? I'd say nothing.
We need to be rejoicing because, although bad things have happened and we feel as if we have nothing to rejoice over, the Lord will never send us down a dark path by ourselves. He is beside us constantly and what better feeling than to know you have a Savior who is right beside you...every step of that deep, dark, cloudy tunnel of life.
"Rejoice because the sovereign Lord calls you His own, and He loves you enough to descend with you into the dark-yet-mysteriously-fertile valleys (where even Christ Himself descended), to produce in you a steadfastness which cannot be shaken."
I have truly never given much thought to "count it all as joy" when my life is inflamed with struggles, heartache, and burden. But after this study, this will be the first thing that comes to my mind when those times approach. I often wonder why God sends His people through these times, and as much as I know it is to grow us and cultivate our relationship with him, I REALLY know it now.

"James tells us not to be too hasty to escape the faith-testing valleys, because it is those valleys which contain the fertile soil needed to produce steadfastness. And steadfastness – being immovable, unable to be shaken, deeply rooted  - is perhaps the true “wellness” we should be seeking. “Lacking in nothing,” as James says."
It's in these times that the Lord can truly take our hearts and mold them and teach us. Teach us about Him, His word, and our relationship with him. While we should be thanking Him and rejoicing everyday, good times or bad, we should count it all as joy.

Have a great weekend, lovelies!


Finding Adventure Close to Home

Josh and I are on what we like to call a "newlywed budget" which also translates to penny pinching...anyone else feel me? Come on, I know you do...go ahead and raise your hand...please, for my sanity.

That being said, I find myself longing to go to other cities, explore new places, eat at a new restaurant, etc. Especially when you jump on the internet on Monday morning and see that all of your blog friends seemed to have all jetsetted for the weekend to somewhere beautiful, magical, tranquil, etc.

So to combat that, when you don't have to money to scoot out of town every weekend, why not find adventure outside your front door? Now that my husband and I have established somewhat of a routine, I find myself longing to find some activities to do together that are out of our everyday norm and routine, places to go now that we are married. Fall has always seemed like a great season to me to go out and explore.

Here a few things that are close to home that Josh and I can partake in this fall:
-visit a pumpkin patch
-go to the local market downtown on Saturdays
-drive an hour and a half north to the upstate and go hiking for the day
-browse Living Social and Groupon during the week for ideas/coupons for activities
-Columbia has a website called "famously hot" that outlines activities going on the city for the week/month
-go to a corn maze
-try a new restaurant in town

While I long for routines and think they are essential for everyday living, I also think that it is easy to become stagnant in a routine and while Josh and I are embracing our honeymoon stage, I also want us to be able to take adventures and explore together during this time

It's a fine balance between routine, becoming stagnant, and becoming too busy. But I think with time and preparation, you can find a perfect balance between them.

P.S. I've sworn 4 times today that it was Wednesday...but when I woke up this morning I could have sworn it was Friday...long week? TGTF...that's Thank God Tomorrow's Friday, just in case you were wondering.


Home Tour- Entryway & Living Room

While our house is still a work in progress, and probably always will be, we have made a lot of progress since we moved in over a month and 1/2 ago now (crazy!). Today I'm giving you the tour of our entryway and our living room.
 photo 001_zpsa9fe70af.jpg  photo 002_zps8d9d3c89.jpg
 photo 003_zpse43cf0a4.jpg
We got lucky with our house because the walls in all of the rooms are neutrals or soft colors. The living room is tan, the kitchen is light green, hallway is tan, master bedroom-tan, the office is a light blue and the guest bedroom a light green. So, all that being said, we didn't have to paint. HALLELUJAH! I hate painting...and I also hate paying people to paint.
 photo 023_zpsabfe5688.jpg
 photo 022_zpsd334d276.jpg
The entryway is definitely still a work in progress. The C hanging on the wall was the guest book at our wedding and I'd love to do a fun collage around it, a gallery wall of sorts. Smart husband said that it looked like it needed a frame around it or something...has he been on pinterest? A great frame with the glass taken out would be PERFECT around the C, way to go hubs! I made the Hey Y'all print on picmonkey and LOVED the way it turned out. I'm debating on finding a little entryway table to go under it, I'm feeling like it will probably be one of those pieces you just have to stumble upon one day.
 photo 021_zpse788a52f.jpg  photo 020_zps975774cd.jpg
I decorated for fall at the beginning of October and plan to leave all of these decorations up  until after Thanksgiving. And if the husband agrees, our Christmas tree will go up the day after Thanksgiving! Need time to enjoy that beauty before it has to be packed up again until the next year.
 photo 015_zpsaf6b3c09.jpg
 photo 007_zpsa0a37a06.jpg
 photo 016_zps5669cde5.jpg
 photo 011_zps5c1b46f0.jpg
 photo 012_zps793c69ed.jpg
I really have no idea how I would describe our style. For the living room I ended up going with tans, browns, blues, grays, and little touches of yellow. When the cornucopia isn't in the middle of the coffee table we have a brown tray with gold studs on it with glass in the middle and a "C" in blue and yellow tones.
We just bought the shelves on each side of the TV from Target and oh my word, Target hits the spot with most things but THESE SHELVES...oh these shelves. The WORST thing I have ever gotten from Target. They are Threshold brand and please stay away. By the grace of god we got these things up, and I truly don't know how we did it. Now that they are up, they look great and I love them but it is not worth the hassle with these shelves, just trust me. Stay far, far away. But, I do love the look they give to the living room, it adds some dimension. We didn't have a lot of places to sit "knick knacks" and pictures but these shelves definitely do the trick. Minus the 10+ hours we spent on them...yes, it was that many. After about hour 3 we got on target.com to read reviews....and every single review gave these shelves one star, people hated them. Sure wish I would have read them before hand. Target, you failed me this time.

 photo 008_zpsf78bfe1b.jpg
 photo 005_zps36a9f555.jpg
My parents gave us our furniture, it was in their back den, and it is my favorite furniture in the whole entire world. On both the couch and the loveseat the legs come up just like a lazy boy and are perfect for napping or watching football games. And I can't forget Josh's favorite feature, the middle of the couch pulls down and holds drinks and stuff. Aka his lunch time eating place on the weekends, haha!
The pillows on the couch are one of my favorite parts of the living room. I love the pattern in the bigger ones and what I love even more are the smaller chevron sparkle ones.
 photo 010_zps647ca8c9.jpg
 photo 009_zps096f59cd.jpg
I'm also a huge fan of the tray ceilings and the lights above the mantel, one of my favorite features of the house, although there are quite a few characteristics of the house that I adore. 

  photo 013_zps8de8efeb.jpg
 photo 019_zps3c049e4d.jpg
 photo 018_zps6f735012.jpg
Husband decided to partake in the photoshoot of the house...by photobombing. You can catch him on the daily sliding up and down the hall in his socks...dancing up and down the hall in his socks...we keep it lively around here.

 photo 004_zpsd02c6176.jpg
We are so proud of our little house and have enjoyed making it our own. Being a homeowner is quite the adventure. I love how cozy it feels and to have a nice place to come home to everyday, thank you Lord for the blessings! Next on our tour will be the kitchen. Happy Tuesday, friends!