Weekend Recap

Our long weekend was filled with house projects, mall trips, golf watching, spending time with friends, a festival and the best of them all, naps!
Friday night we were cool kids adults and spent some time pushing our buggy up and down the grocery aisles of Wal Mart...people gotta eat! We stocked up on goodies for the Clemson v. UGA game Saturday night because Griffyn and Brandon were coming over! We also bought a bed frame for our guest room. And when we got home we had the pleasure of putting it together....excuse me, Josh put it together, I watched. We then made up the bed and I realized the comforter we bought on clearance at Target was the ugliest thing in the world and promptly decided it had to go. Do you ever purchase something because it's on sale and you really need something to finish/fill a room then get it home and wonder WHAT the heck you were thinking?!
Saturday, Mom and I headed to the florist to finalize flowers details and wow oh wow is everything going to be beautiful at the wedding. She showed me a few sneak peeks and I was BLOWN away! I can't wait to see it all put together...(in 17 days!!!!). Then Josh's parents and brothers came over to see the house and we spent some time with them, we don't see them nearly as often as we'd like and I was so glad they made the trip down to see us! Then we ran some wedding errands, stopped by the sketchiest Dollar Tree in America (because I HAD to have a glass container to finish on our master bathroom and insisted we stopped by this Dollar Tree...all the while the mister is telling me we were on a bad side of town...should have listened to him, for the love of finishing the bathroom), then we came home and started getting dinner ready for Griffyn and Brandon to come over. They arrived that evening and we had dinner then sat our happy butts on the couch to watch the game...I didn't really want either team to win but I was hoping Georgia was going to pull off a win. At half time we took a stab at a new game we got at the last shower, Battle of the Sexes. It was HILARIOUS, go get it and play, you won't regret it. Josh and Brandon won but Griffyn and I are preparing for the next time we play.
Sunday we headed to church then came home to put the guest room together. We unpacked a few boxes and got everything straight, for the most part. Then I took a nap while Josh watched golf, it was glorious.
Monday was our annual Labor Day festival at church, hence the matching shirts below...and the ONLY picture I took this weekend, bad bad blogger. We have a big BBQ, garage sale, and bake sale. Josh and I went in with $5 and came out with 2 books, 2 toothbrushes, and 4 brownies...and STILL had 2 bucks left over, that is working on a budget people! And for the record, the toothbrushes were brand spanking new...we'd never buy used toothbrushes. Those bad boys were only 50 cents, you can't beat that! Then we went to the mall, got Josh's groomsmen gifts, a few wedding things and came home and guess what happened again? I took a nap and Josh watched golf. I'm loving this pattern :)
Oh it was nice to have a 3 day weekend and so nice that it's already Wednesday of this work week, waaahooo! On Friday I'm headed down to Charleston with my girls for my bachelorette weekend, YAY! 
Putting our new mantel to good use for self timing pics :)

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