I promise I haven't forgotten that I have a wedding in 18 days and will be back to chatting about that very soon but I wanted to do another post on the house while it's fresh on my brain. But back to the wedding for a second, how did we get to only 18 days?! Time is taking off!

Closing on our house was a breeze...at first. We put our John Hancock on 55 pieces of paper and when we finished up we had to wait for the funder from the mortgage company to authorize everything then we'd have our check and out the door we'd go. This was supposed to take 5 minutes...it took 2 hours and we still left empty handed. Turns out, the funder at the mortgage company had GONE HOME for the day while he/she knew a closing was going on...don't even get me started. So the attorneys office couldn't get the authorization to print our check and send us on our merry way. Incredibly frustrating. But rather than re-hash every detail of that let's just move on to our precious little abode why don't we.

Either way, as you can tell in the pictures below, long and drawn out closing or not, we got our keys and were pretty darn excited about it :)

Josh and I went to the house Friday night and mom and dad brought us dinner and we had our first dinner at our new table :) Josh and I cleaned the house for a few hours, had a few dance parties, then we both went home to rest up for the moving ahead.

We moved all weekend and boy was it a job but my parents were there, along with Josh's parents, my uncle and my MOH and her boyfriend (what life savers)! We knocked out almost all of the rooms this weekend and with the exception of the places that I want to hang wedding pictures, the house is pretty much done!

The yard needed a TON of work and my sweet dad and uncle came over Sunday and knocked the whole thing out within a matter of hours. I wish I would have taken before pictures because the yard looked like a jungle and now it looks amazing. They worked their tails off and we are so appreciative! They discovered a dog house in the backyard, a swing and chairs and a fire pit we literally did not know we even had...that's how much brush and weeds and random trees there were! I just can't rave enough about the work they put into our yard.

I love the way the house turned out and I know I'm going to fall more and more in love as we continue to get settled and really make it home. My parents and Josh's parents and Griffyn and Brandon worked SO hard on our house this weekend and we owe them our lives! Mom literally took the WHOLE refrigerator apart and cleaned every drawer, glass top, and every inch of that thing...it looked brand new when she got done. My MIL swept the whole house and got every piece of sand and dirt off of the floor. We are so blessed to have families that love us so much.

The house has really come together in the last week and 1/2 and I hope to be showing it off here on the blog soon. Josh and I are so proud to have a place of our own and I can't wait to fill it with newlywed memories. We already hosted our first get together with a few friends, it was perfect!

Be back soon to recap the long weekend...which was great by the way! Coming in to work this morning knowing it was Tuesday was a wonderful thing...I'm thinking we should try this Tuesday-Friday work week every week!

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