Last Unmarried Wedding Wednesday: BACH BASH EDITION

Happy Wedding Wednesday friends! It's the last one before I'm a married gal...or as everyone keeps calling me "an old married lady"...um eeeexcuse me, I am not old, thank you very much ;)

I wanted to have all of my bachelorette weekend pictures back for this post...but lo and behold, I haven't heard back from the people with the SD card. I'm going to call them today and go pick it up, whether they've recovered pictures or not because they've had it for a liiiiiitle too long now. But anyway....

We got to Charleston Friday evening and the girls decorated one of the bedrooms with engagement pictures of Josh and I all over the bed, candy, and a few sweet letters. This was my "holding place" until they were done decorating the rest of the loft. On the bed was a letter from Griffyn, the book 'A Praying Wife' and letter from Mackenzie and a letter in the center of the bed had 'Lindsay' written on the front of it in a very familiar handwriting...The girls had gotten Josh to write me a letter for the weekend. I turned into a ball of mush at this point.

When I finally got to come out of the room the loft was decorated from top to bottom! The dining table had a gift for each girl on it and they bags were those like you see on pinterest where it looks like a little bikini, there were big bows for the top and paper cut out to look like the bottoms, SO cute. There were also t-shirts strung along the front of the table for everyone. I DIED over these, they were perfect! Inside our little gift was fuzzy socks, nail polish and a nail file. There were also fun panties strung across the room with notecards stuck to them.

 Mackenzie made cookies that looked like panty and bra sets and we had straws with little lips on them. That night we had delicious spaghetti and fun cocktails. After dinner we played a game where each girl got a card with everyone's name on it and then we did a "Most likely to" game...like most likely to have kids first, most likely to make a million dollars, etc. And we had to put down the card with the girls name on it we thought was most likely to do it. SO fun! After this we played the "panty game". Each girl had brought a pair and I had to guess who brought which ones, and I actually guessed them all right! I know my girls pretty well :) Each girl named their pair of panties as well and I was instructed to give Josh all of the cards with the names on them on our honeymoon and he gets to pick a pair a night....hahahaha!

Saturday we headed to Folly Beach for the day and all got burnt to a crisp, ha! While we were out there we played a game where they had asked Josh questions like "My favorite thing about my bride is...My favorite thing my bride and I do together is..." and I got to answer and then hear what he said. I may or may not have almost shed a few tears on the beach, haha! He had some very sweet answers. We hung out on the beach for the day then headed back to the loft for a DELCIOUS lunch of pasta salad and chicken...oh it was so good! We watched Bridesmaids and slowly started getting ready for the night.
We had dinner reservations at a restaurant called Blossoms so we hailed a cab and were on our way and holy smokes was the food delicious! Goodness gracious! I had shrimp and grits and they were to die for, I also had a peach bellini that was to die for, thanks for the rec Kellie! Afterwards we went to a rooftop bar in Charleston and got our dance on then headed to Wet Willies and danced our butts off. I swear, we really did. It was such a fun time! And we all got proposed to as soon as we walked in the door by a guy that had clearly already had too many, but it was all in good fun. After dancing the night away Griffyn got us into a Latin/salsa bar sans the cover charge, go Griff! And we salsa'ed for little while then we hailed a cab and headed back on home...then we crashed, ha! Sunday morning we headed out but not without a stop by Starbucks to fulfill my craving for a pumpkin drink.

It was the MOST perfect weekend and I can't thank my bridesmaids enough, y'all OUTDID yourselves, you really did. You took such great care of me and now I want y'all to hurry up and get married so I can return the favor. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I love you.

P.S. If my pictures EVER get recovered, I'll update this post. I only lost the ones from Friday night.

P.S.S. Did I mention when they picked me up on Friday, Griffyn was holding a HUGE hot pink flag that said "BRIDE" that we traipsed around with all weekend?!

P.S.S.S. Of course, I can't share ALL the deets from the weekend, what happens in Charleston, stays in Charleston ;)
3 days until I'm married.


  1. AHHH! Looks/sounds like a blast. Can't believe this is the last one. :)

  2. Was thinking about you on Saturday! I hope your wedding day was better than you could have imagined. I love married life and I'm happy you get to start on this journey too. Can't wait to hear all about your big day when you get back from that honeymoon! :)


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