Bridal Portraits

The week of my bridal portraits HAD to have been the rainiest week of the summer. I was SO hoping that come Saturday the rain would hold off and we'd be able to take my pictures. And what do you know, NO RAIN, overcast (perfect lighting for pictures!) and a cool 75 degrees the morning I took pictures. The Lord was really looking out for me that day. 75 degrees is unheard of during a South Carolina summer.

I took my pictures in downtown Columbia and I was thrilled with the two locations I chose. One location was a little block on Main Street and the other was a park downtown. Amanda, our photographer, blew me away AGAIN with how beautiful the pictures turned out. Mom and my bridesmaid Mackenzie were awesome hauling my dress around and helping me climb all over the place and getting me INTO my dress!

As soon as we got into the car after taking the pictures it started to rain, talk about a miracle!

Happy Friday and happy beginning of many wedding recap posts!


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