Josh and I headed out Sunday morning after our wedding day and headed south to Hilton Head Island. My mom and dad rented us (read: Josh) a camaro to drive for the week and to say he was happy would be the understatement of the century. A camaro is his dream car and he was in heaven cruising around in it for a week...and very sad when he had to return it I might add.

We stayed at the Omni Resort in HHI and holy beautiful! It was gorgeous and a top notch place. I'm so glad we chose to stay there. We had a beautiful suite and a great view that looked over the resort and out to the ocean from our balcony. We got treated to a bottle of champagne and chocolate covered strawberries and breakfast in bed everyday. It was the life let me tell you! Another plus of the resort, they allowed pets so I was in pure heaven with all of the dogs running around!

We literally kicked back and relaxed our whole stay, it was exactly what we wanted to do! We laid under an umbrella on the beach, relaxed by the pool, enjoyed some absolutely fabulous food and really enjoyed each others company. I know for a fact that I fell in love with Josh a little more over our honeymoon. We giggled and laughed more than we have in a really long time. I could literally feel the love between us just overflowing. It was the best feeling ever!

We got a couples massage during our stay and I had to practically peel myself from the table because I never wanted it to end! It was glorious! I loved prancing around with my new husband on our trip and seeing that shiny ring on his finger. And I loved cuddling up to him each night and waking up with him beside me each morning. We ventured to Harbour Town one evening and climbed the lighthouse, we ate at a super fancy restaurant and had food that was to die for. It was the most perfect honeymoon and I wish we could go back and do it a hundred times over!


Bridal Portraits

The week of my bridal portraits HAD to have been the rainiest week of the summer. I was SO hoping that come Saturday the rain would hold off and we'd be able to take my pictures. And what do you know, NO RAIN, overcast (perfect lighting for pictures!) and a cool 75 degrees the morning I took pictures. The Lord was really looking out for me that day. 75 degrees is unheard of during a South Carolina summer.

I took my pictures in downtown Columbia and I was thrilled with the two locations I chose. One location was a little block on Main Street and the other was a park downtown. Amanda, our photographer, blew me away AGAIN with how beautiful the pictures turned out. Mom and my bridesmaid Mackenzie were awesome hauling my dress around and helping me climb all over the place and getting me INTO my dress!

As soon as we got into the car after taking the pictures it started to rain, talk about a miracle!

Happy Friday and happy beginning of many wedding recap posts!


Mr. & Mrs. Josh Colvin

Hey friends! Long time, no talk. I'm back and I'm married!!!! Crazy, I know. It's hard for me to believe too!
Our wedding was beyond what I could have ever imagined it to be, perfect and wonderful would be good ways to describe it. And don't worry, I'll be describing alllllll of it when we get our pictures back :)
Our honeymoon was just as fabulous, I l o v e d spending time with my HUSBAND (!!!!!!!!) and I'm pretty sure I fell a little more in love with him over those few days, it was wonderful. I can't wait to recap all of the happenings of the wedding weekend and into our honeymoon but for now I'm catching up on housework, unpacking, swimming in pages worth of emails and stacks of papers on my desk at work and it's my mom's birthday and her and dad are coming over tionight for dinner, yay!!!!!!


Last Unmarried Wedding Wednesday: BACH BASH EDITION

Happy Wedding Wednesday friends! It's the last one before I'm a married gal...or as everyone keeps calling me "an old married lady"...um eeeexcuse me, I am not old, thank you very much ;)

I wanted to have all of my bachelorette weekend pictures back for this post...but lo and behold, I haven't heard back from the people with the SD card. I'm going to call them today and go pick it up, whether they've recovered pictures or not because they've had it for a liiiiiitle too long now. But anyway....

We got to Charleston Friday evening and the girls decorated one of the bedrooms with engagement pictures of Josh and I all over the bed, candy, and a few sweet letters. This was my "holding place" until they were done decorating the rest of the loft. On the bed was a letter from Griffyn, the book 'A Praying Wife' and letter from Mackenzie and a letter in the center of the bed had 'Lindsay' written on the front of it in a very familiar handwriting...The girls had gotten Josh to write me a letter for the weekend. I turned into a ball of mush at this point.

When I finally got to come out of the room the loft was decorated from top to bottom! The dining table had a gift for each girl on it and they bags were those like you see on pinterest where it looks like a little bikini, there were big bows for the top and paper cut out to look like the bottoms, SO cute. There were also t-shirts strung along the front of the table for everyone. I DIED over these, they were perfect! Inside our little gift was fuzzy socks, nail polish and a nail file. There were also fun panties strung across the room with notecards stuck to them.

 Mackenzie made cookies that looked like panty and bra sets and we had straws with little lips on them. That night we had delicious spaghetti and fun cocktails. After dinner we played a game where each girl got a card with everyone's name on it and then we did a "Most likely to" game...like most likely to have kids first, most likely to make a million dollars, etc. And we had to put down the card with the girls name on it we thought was most likely to do it. SO fun! After this we played the "panty game". Each girl had brought a pair and I had to guess who brought which ones, and I actually guessed them all right! I know my girls pretty well :) Each girl named their pair of panties as well and I was instructed to give Josh all of the cards with the names on them on our honeymoon and he gets to pick a pair a night....hahahaha!

Saturday we headed to Folly Beach for the day and all got burnt to a crisp, ha! While we were out there we played a game where they had asked Josh questions like "My favorite thing about my bride is...My favorite thing my bride and I do together is..." and I got to answer and then hear what he said. I may or may not have almost shed a few tears on the beach, haha! He had some very sweet answers. We hung out on the beach for the day then headed back to the loft for a DELCIOUS lunch of pasta salad and chicken...oh it was so good! We watched Bridesmaids and slowly started getting ready for the night.
We had dinner reservations at a restaurant called Blossoms so we hailed a cab and were on our way and holy smokes was the food delicious! Goodness gracious! I had shrimp and grits and they were to die for, I also had a peach bellini that was to die for, thanks for the rec Kellie! Afterwards we went to a rooftop bar in Charleston and got our dance on then headed to Wet Willies and danced our butts off. I swear, we really did. It was such a fun time! And we all got proposed to as soon as we walked in the door by a guy that had clearly already had too many, but it was all in good fun. After dancing the night away Griffyn got us into a Latin/salsa bar sans the cover charge, go Griff! And we salsa'ed for little while then we hailed a cab and headed back on home...then we crashed, ha! Sunday morning we headed out but not without a stop by Starbucks to fulfill my craving for a pumpkin drink.

It was the MOST perfect weekend and I can't thank my bridesmaids enough, y'all OUTDID yourselves, you really did. You took such great care of me and now I want y'all to hurry up and get married so I can return the favor. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I love you.

P.S. If my pictures EVER get recovered, I'll update this post. I only lost the ones from Friday night.

P.S.S. Did I mention when they picked me up on Friday, Griffyn was holding a HUGE hot pink flag that said "BRIDE" that we traipsed around with all weekend?!

P.S.S.S. Of course, I can't share ALL the deets from the weekend, what happens in Charleston, stays in Charleston ;)
3 days until I'm married.


It's Wedding Week!

Goooooood morning friends!! It's Monday of wedding week!!!

Last night you could have found me in the bathroom with white strips on my teeth, exfoliator on my face, and nail polish all over the counter...girls gotta look good for Saturday! How in the world there are 5 days before I marry that sweet man of mine blows my mind, it truly does. The time since December 2nd until now has truly gone by in a flash. I have only 5 days left to be a fiancé. Practically everything is done for the wedding, just a few little things to take care of this week and while I know there's going to be a lot going on, I'm not going to let this time pass me by without soaking it all in.

I find myself having a hard time to even find the words to say as I'm so close to getting married. My heart is overflowing with thoughts and love for Josh. I am in awe that God has brought our relationship this far and prepared us for marriage. What a beautiful thing that is. What a beautiful thing marriage is. I can't wait to stand before all of our family and friends and commit my life to the one I love most. I can't wait to enter into the covenant with him that God has created for us, as man and wife. In our last pre-martial counseling session we discussed the covenant and how Josh and I were going to make it public to our family and friends that we are going to try as hard as possible to love each other as God loves the church. That we are committing ourselves exclusively to one as another as God has committed Himself to His people and to the church. God gave us the most precious ability to love one another. We would never even know what love is if He wouldn't have blessed us with that emotion. Oh how thankful I am that we were given the ability to love by the one who shows us the ultimate love, day in and day out.

He loves me in my best and throughout my worst and I will love Josh everyday...in his best and throughout his worst. The Lord forgives me even when I am so undeserving...I'll forgive Josh when he is completely undeserving as I know he'll forgive me when I'm completely undeserving. My heart is overwhelmed  when I think about Josh and I having our marriage as a display of God's love for His people...and it makes me want to work hard everyday to make our marriage as fulfilled as it can be to show that others that marriages can make it and our marriage is a display of Gods love and a testament to how much He loves his people.

This week I'm going to spend a lot of time with the Lord, reflecting on the past 3 years of my dating life with Josh and reflecting on the past 9 months of our engagement. This is such a sweet time in our lives and I want to soak every single second up.


A little bit of everything

Hey y'all! I have a total mash up of a bunch of randoms for you today. Sometimes, those are my favorite posts.

My bachelorette party was this past weekend and HOLY COW the girls treated my like a princess the whole.entire.weekend. I kid you not. But let me tell you what I did...I charged my camera and was all ready to go for the weekend. Well, we go to take the first picture aaaand....no SD card in my camera. Boo. I left it in my computer. So Kayla had her camera so I used her SD card in my camera....well after a day and 1/2 of pictures, the card was full....but I couldn't delete Kayla's pictures off of my camera because they weren't taken with my camera...so we attempt to upload the pictures to her computer and then we deleted all the ones I'd taken on my camera...well turns out we didn't actually upload them to her computer...so the SD card is currently at a computer shop and I'm praying praying praying that they can recover the deleted photos so I can share them with you guys. But if they can't be recovered, we have some great memories instead :)

We played games, danced, laughed, soaked up the sun on the beach, went dancing, ate delicious, among a million other wonderful things this past weekend. I never wanted the weekend to end! I'll do a full recap soon with the pictures that I do have and the ones that (please please please) get recovered off of the card! Here's a few to hold you over though.

Today is the 10 day mark until the wedding!!! How unbelievable is that?!? Tomorrow we're in the single digits...I can hardly believe it but I'm SO excited and cannot wait for our wedding day!
 Josh and I had our last pre-martial counseling last night and I can't wait to have a free moment to write down everything we learned. My heart was about to burst with love last night and the wonderful unity that God gives us in marriage. We talked a lot about the covenant last night and it made me feel so much more sentimental about our marriage.
I've been gradually moving all of my clothes and things over to the house because I want all of my stuff to be there when we get back from our honeymoon. The closet is filling up with both of our clothes now and it truly feels like home. I can't wait for the day that I'll be able to come home after work and relax with my husband! Speaking of our house, I've got to do a tour of it here on the blog soon.
Today is a day of remembrance for our great country. 9/11. 12 years ago today our country was shaken with a huge tragedy. I'm so sad thinking about the people that are mourning over their loved ones that were lost 12 years ago on this day. While I'm sad, I'm also very thankful for this country that I call home and so blessed that we have men and women who fight for America every single day. God Bless America.
Be back soon with some fabulous bach bash pictures....I hooooooope!


Weekend Recap

Our long weekend was filled with house projects, mall trips, golf watching, spending time with friends, a festival and the best of them all, naps!
Friday night we were cool kids adults and spent some time pushing our buggy up and down the grocery aisles of Wal Mart...people gotta eat! We stocked up on goodies for the Clemson v. UGA game Saturday night because Griffyn and Brandon were coming over! We also bought a bed frame for our guest room. And when we got home we had the pleasure of putting it together....excuse me, Josh put it together, I watched. We then made up the bed and I realized the comforter we bought on clearance at Target was the ugliest thing in the world and promptly decided it had to go. Do you ever purchase something because it's on sale and you really need something to finish/fill a room then get it home and wonder WHAT the heck you were thinking?!
Saturday, Mom and I headed to the florist to finalize flowers details and wow oh wow is everything going to be beautiful at the wedding. She showed me a few sneak peeks and I was BLOWN away! I can't wait to see it all put together...(in 17 days!!!!). Then Josh's parents and brothers came over to see the house and we spent some time with them, we don't see them nearly as often as we'd like and I was so glad they made the trip down to see us! Then we ran some wedding errands, stopped by the sketchiest Dollar Tree in America (because I HAD to have a glass container to finish on our master bathroom and insisted we stopped by this Dollar Tree...all the while the mister is telling me we were on a bad side of town...should have listened to him, for the love of finishing the bathroom), then we came home and started getting dinner ready for Griffyn and Brandon to come over. They arrived that evening and we had dinner then sat our happy butts on the couch to watch the game...I didn't really want either team to win but I was hoping Georgia was going to pull off a win. At half time we took a stab at a new game we got at the last shower, Battle of the Sexes. It was HILARIOUS, go get it and play, you won't regret it. Josh and Brandon won but Griffyn and I are preparing for the next time we play.
Sunday we headed to church then came home to put the guest room together. We unpacked a few boxes and got everything straight, for the most part. Then I took a nap while Josh watched golf, it was glorious.
Monday was our annual Labor Day festival at church, hence the matching shirts below...and the ONLY picture I took this weekend, bad bad blogger. We have a big BBQ, garage sale, and bake sale. Josh and I went in with $5 and came out with 2 books, 2 toothbrushes, and 4 brownies...and STILL had 2 bucks left over, that is working on a budget people! And for the record, the toothbrushes were brand spanking new...we'd never buy used toothbrushes. Those bad boys were only 50 cents, you can't beat that! Then we went to the mall, got Josh's groomsmen gifts, a few wedding things and came home and guess what happened again? I took a nap and Josh watched golf. I'm loving this pattern :)
Oh it was nice to have a 3 day weekend and so nice that it's already Wednesday of this work week, waaahooo! On Friday I'm headed down to Charleston with my girls for my bachelorette weekend, YAY! 
Putting our new mantel to good use for self timing pics :)



I promise I haven't forgotten that I have a wedding in 18 days and will be back to chatting about that very soon but I wanted to do another post on the house while it's fresh on my brain. But back to the wedding for a second, how did we get to only 18 days?! Time is taking off!

Closing on our house was a breeze...at first. We put our John Hancock on 55 pieces of paper and when we finished up we had to wait for the funder from the mortgage company to authorize everything then we'd have our check and out the door we'd go. This was supposed to take 5 minutes...it took 2 hours and we still left empty handed. Turns out, the funder at the mortgage company had GONE HOME for the day while he/she knew a closing was going on...don't even get me started. So the attorneys office couldn't get the authorization to print our check and send us on our merry way. Incredibly frustrating. But rather than re-hash every detail of that let's just move on to our precious little abode why don't we.

Either way, as you can tell in the pictures below, long and drawn out closing or not, we got our keys and were pretty darn excited about it :)

Josh and I went to the house Friday night and mom and dad brought us dinner and we had our first dinner at our new table :) Josh and I cleaned the house for a few hours, had a few dance parties, then we both went home to rest up for the moving ahead.

We moved all weekend and boy was it a job but my parents were there, along with Josh's parents, my uncle and my MOH and her boyfriend (what life savers)! We knocked out almost all of the rooms this weekend and with the exception of the places that I want to hang wedding pictures, the house is pretty much done!

The yard needed a TON of work and my sweet dad and uncle came over Sunday and knocked the whole thing out within a matter of hours. I wish I would have taken before pictures because the yard looked like a jungle and now it looks amazing. They worked their tails off and we are so appreciative! They discovered a dog house in the backyard, a swing and chairs and a fire pit we literally did not know we even had...that's how much brush and weeds and random trees there were! I just can't rave enough about the work they put into our yard.

I love the way the house turned out and I know I'm going to fall more and more in love as we continue to get settled and really make it home. My parents and Josh's parents and Griffyn and Brandon worked SO hard on our house this weekend and we owe them our lives! Mom literally took the WHOLE refrigerator apart and cleaned every drawer, glass top, and every inch of that thing...it looked brand new when she got done. My MIL swept the whole house and got every piece of sand and dirt off of the floor. We are so blessed to have families that love us so much.

The house has really come together in the last week and 1/2 and I hope to be showing it off here on the blog soon. Josh and I are so proud to have a place of our own and I can't wait to fill it with newlywed memories. We already hosted our first get together with a few friends, it was perfect!

Be back soon to recap the long weekend...which was great by the way! Coming in to work this morning knowing it was Tuesday was a wonderful thing...I'm thinking we should try this Tuesday-Friday work week every week!