Welcome Home!

Today's the day dear friends! Josh and I will be signing our lives away closing on our first home today at 3:30! So if you think about us around then, send up a prayer, we'd appreciate it! I'd like to introduce you to the newest member of the Colvin Clan...

There it is, our pride and joy and most expensive purchase to date! We are SO excited to get in and make it our own and Josh is so stoked to have his own yard to work in...up first, moving that tree right in front of the house, haha! There's a cute little window behind there that is being hidden! 

I know I've said it many times, but we are so blessed that the Lord gave us the opportunity to purchase this home and I know that Josh and I will continuously cover this home in prayer...we want the Lord to fill this house every.single.day.

Oh! And I cannot WAIT to do a home tour here on the blog...once we get it finished (mostly) that is! We're moving allllll weekend, have I mentioned that I hate moving? If not...I hate moving. And Poor Josh, this is like his 14th move in the last 10 years but I promised him we'll be in this house for quite some time so, Lord willing, we won't have to experience any more moves in the next few years :) 

Yesterday we got to do our walk-through and I got our Realtor to snap this picture of us! Today's a big...VERY big, day friends. Be back soon with HOUSE updates (wahooo!!!)

Happy Friday!


  1. congrats!! so exciting! putting your personal touches and decorating will be SO fun!


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