Weekend Wedding Festivities

This weekend I had a bridal shower thrown by the ladies of my church and wow oh wow, what a shower! I wish I had gotten pictures of the decorations because they had beautiful flower arrangements on the food tables and linen and purple flowers on each of the guest tables, it was beautiful. The ladies put in SO much work, I don't think a million thank you's could cover how much they did for me (and Josh) this weekend. We love our church so, so much.

There was a huge turn out at the shower and I am so thankful I got to speak to every person that walked through the door! We got an enormous amount of wonderful gifts and our house is going to be stocked full! Mom's car was completely packed on the way home. I can't wait to get things situated in our (new!) house this weekend!

Not only was my church family there but my bridesmaids were there, long time family friends, extended family members, Josh's family, and friends from college. It was wonderful having everyone in the same place and I can't wait until we're all together again celebrating the day away at the wedding! Which is 33 days away, by the way :)

We got no duplicates at the shower (besides oven mitts & tongs which we can never have enough of) which is fabulous so nothing has to go back, just into the kitchen cabinets! Josh and I were both so humbly that our friends and family love us so much. We have lots and lots of thank you notes to write!

After the shower Josh and I got to have a coffee date with Mackenzie and Haley before Haley headed back to home (which is out of town) and it was SO good to catch up! I'm pretty sure I told Josh at least  600 times when we left how much I loved my friends and how thankful I was for them. I was just so happy! Then on Sunday I got to have lunch with my bridesmaid Kellie before she and Kayla (who was sick and couldn't make it, sad day) head back to Greenville to start their last year of college. This weekend was just filled with so much joy, I needed it!

We also got to celebrate my Papa's 80th birthday this weekend! My Granny's 80th is just around the corner too. I'm telling you, this weekend was all about celebration! We also got to spend some time with some family that we haven't seen in awhile. After we celebrated, I showed Josh all of the gifts we got at the shower and Sunday we both spent the day packing up our houses, we move on Saturday!

It's closing in on wedding month!

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  1. so much fun! just imagine how great the wedding day will be when literally EVERYONE you love is in the same place! PS-- I love your dress!


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