I've seen many people in blog land talking about the She Reads Truth bible study for quite some time. I had browsed their website once, a while back, but didn't take a ton of time to stop and look at it. That is until about a week ago I decided I'd like to start the study. I wanted a study I could do as I came in to work each morning and look over at lunch time so I headed over to their website.
My, oh my, am I glad that I did. In the few short days that I have been doing the study I have been so blessed by God's Word! Their studies each day are so thought-provoking yet so simple to understand all at the same time. I find myself excited for a new morning to come so I can see what study is being posted that day. And I love how it's geared towards woman so I can really connect to it with my heart.
I totally recommend this to any woman looking for a new series of Bible study to do, I promise that you'll be blessed by what these ladies share each day. And not only do I feel filled with Christ after reading the post, but also after reading the comments from the other women who are doing the study! There are so very intelligent women who share their heart about the Lord and the Bible on there each day and I love pouring over the comments and thinking about Bible stories in all new ways!

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