One Passion Tea Lemonade, Please!

Order up! 

My absolute favorite drink from Starbucks in the passion tea lemonade, holy goodness! I am by no means a Starbucks junkie...I literally go once maybe every 3 months but it's tried and true that every time I go, a passion tea lemonade it is for me! As wonderful as Starbucks is, it is so unpractical to go every.single.day for a drink, so why not make my own version of the same thing? Genius, I tell you. 

So I headed straight to Target and bought a box of Tazo Passion Tea...I actually got mine from the Starbucks in Target...but if I would have walked to the back of the store to the grocery part I guarantee I would have spent probably...5 bucks less, haha! 

I put 4 tea bags in my tea pot with 2 cups of water (and a little splash extra, maybe 2 oz.) and let it brew then when it whistled I poured it in my container and then added 2 cups of lemonade to it (I had Minute Maid brand, just regular lemonade) and then shook it really good. Then I refrigerated it and did a taste test a little later and ahhhhh, sweet goodness! I can't wait to fill my cup up for work this week, it is such a refreshing drink!

Ok, now your turn! If you love this drink as much as I do, please do yourself a favor and make this, you will save a ton of money and have this awesome drink anytime you want! 

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