It's Football Season Y'all

Today kicks off Carolina's football season! If y'all didn't know, my very-soon-to-be husband is a Gamecock alum and is stoked about the game tonight. We're playing UNC at home. Tickets were impossible to get your hands on, so we'll be watching from our new house :)

Let me tell you what my least favorite part about today is going to be, trying to get home from work in all the football traffic. I work downtown, the university is right downtown, aka a big 'ol mess. However, I'll make my way home and get ready to cheer on my Gamecocks! Josh and I do happen to love UNC basketball but as far as football is concerned, I hope UNC goes home with a big loss tonight.

I think we've got a great season ahead of us and great potential to make it all the way to the...dare I say SEC Championship game...maybe even a National title?! Who knows?! All I know for a fact is that I love football season and all that comes with it. The cool air, the hoopla around the games each Saturday, the excitement that fills the city. It's a wonderful time of year.

Josh and I have tickets to the Vanderbilt game on September 14th and I can't wait to fill the stands with 80,000 other fans. As I was driving home from work on Monday I had my windows rolled down and I hear the rooster crowing and 2001 blaring through speakers throughout the city, I may or may not have gotten goose bumps.

I'm sporting my best garnet and black in the office today. The atmosphere around here is hyped, I liked it. I listened to 2001 as I turned the corner to head over the Gervais Street bridge into the city this morning. 2001 playing and the city skyline sprawled out before me.

Lets Go Cocks! It's time for some Carolina football!!


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