Great is Thy Faithfulness

Oh man, the Lord is so faithful y'all. So, so faithful.

As you know, Josh and I closed on our house on Friday and are now homeowners (can I get a wahoo!?). We were very lucky that the sellers were paying a huge chunk of the closing costs which meant we ended up not anticipating to pay very much at all and our mortgage company quoted us to bring $300 and some change to closing. So, I'm waiting to hear from our closing coordinator on Friday to know the exact amount to wire over to our real estate attorney so we could close that afternoon. Well time was creeeeeping by on Friday, I'm talking moving so.slow. I was leaving work at 3 and it was around 2:15 and I still hadn't heard anything yet. I got a little panicky, because I wanted to have all of our ducks in a row. Well Josh sends me a text that says our mortgage company said we needed to bring a little over $1,000 to the closing...um excuse me?! They told us at max $313....where in the world was this number coming from? Josh had them check again and our loan officer called back and said he read it wrong (cue the angels singing) and told Josh that we needed to bring NOTHING to closing and that we would be getting a check BACK for over a thousand dollars (cue my crying). Y'all, I was floored, shocked, relieved...and a million other emotions. The thought of getting money back never even crossed my mind and here we were getting a check! I immediately dropped everything I was doing at work and praised God over and over. He knew that Josh and I could use the extra padding in our savings account...and how nervous I was over owning our first home and all the expenses that come with that and look what He worked out for us...

 And on top of that, our mortgage company forgot to lock in our very great interest rate when we applied for the loan...and it ended up going up .25% (booo!). But they are cutting us a check for double of what we got back from our closing to compensate us for their mistake (cue more angels and more crying). So now were are able to put away this money to pad our savings or use it for start up costs on a house...which there are a TON of! Setting up the tv, internet, water, buying the necessary furniture for the house, curtains, etc.
I just can't get over how the Lord is so faithful. I have been in prayer a ton lately and I had the thought last week, does God hear me? Is He listening? Is He going to answer? Does He love me?...Which of courses He hears me, is listening, and is going to answer in His time....and his love for me is tremendous...how silly of me to question that, how faithless of me to question that. And just when I'm on the brink of a breakdown, the Lord swoops in and in this case gives me a huge reminder of who He is, how much He loves me and oh how faithful He is.
Praise you Lord.

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