August is for Moving

For the last 3 years, at the end of every summer, right around August, I am packing up my room to move. I've moved to the same place the past 3 years as I was going back to college. This August is no different...well, at least in the moving aspect.

In a mere 2 weeks Josh and I will be moving into our first HOME! We're buying a house and close on August 23rd!

I have to say, packing up to move into my OWN house is much, much more fun than moving in a 2 x 2 dorm room! We are so in love with our little house and can't wait to get inside and make it our own!

The house buying process for us was probably unlike most people. Josh and I had been searching online since about March and periodically riding by properties. We had initially decided to not buy a house (we decided this soon after getting engaged) and were just going to do the apartment business for about a year (which is a great option). But my mom encouraged us to buy a house because it's a buyers market right now and the interest rates were just so stinking low.

About May, interest rates started to go up just a touch and Josh and I knew we needed to move quickly if we were serious about buying because we didn't know what the market was going to do. So we looked and looked and looked and kept being drawn to this one house we saw online. Everything about it seemed so perfect, so us.  And the price was excellent. So we decided that we'd go see the house and if it was a good as the pictures online (or better!) then we'd put an offer on it. So on a rainy Wednesday afternoon, July 3rd, we went and saw the house. Whenever we left the showing we both looked at each and other said "I felt like I was at home in there". The house was everything we could have ever asked for in a starter home. So we talked about it that night and on July 4th we went in and made an offer...the poor realtor had to work on a holiday, but I don't think he minded! On July 5th we got the call that our offer was accepted and now we're less than 2 weeks away from closing on our house! We literally only stepped inside one house to look at! But when you know, you just know!

It has been SO fun buying decorations and furniture for our new house and I've been packing it all up in boxes, anxiously awaiting our moving day. Josh gets to live in it first (lucky him!) and then I'll follow less than a month later when we get married! But don't you worry, it's on my way home from work and literally 2 streets over from my gym, so I'll be spending lots...and LOTS of evenings there :)

I pray this is house is a home full of love, a home where friends and family feel welcome and most importantly a home that is centered around Christ. Josh and I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to purchase our first home and have it (for the most part) put all together so that when we come home from our honeymoon we can start our married life in it. It has always been my dream to buy a house and have it totally ready for after I was married...but reality shortly set in and I realized that situation may not always work out and I was very content with the thought of us living in an apartment for a year...but this house came along and everything lined up and I can't wait to be a homeowner! I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a liiiiiitle nervous ;)

I'll be bursting at the seams to do a house tour on the blog once we're in a settled. My pinterest boards have been flooded with d├ęcor ideas!

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  1. This is so exciting! What a great adventure you are both about to embark on! Married life and owning your own home are both so so wonderful! I love doing life everyday with my best friend, but it makes it even better that we have our OWN home to come home to each night! Best of luck these next few weeks! :)


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