Sweet Fred

Do yourself a favor and watch this video. But grab tissues first, I started crying at 30 seconds in and didn't stop until long after the video was over
The good in this world gets covered up by the bad far too often. There are so many people that do so many good, sweet, kind and thoughtful things in this world and they should be celebrated.
This video is a great way to start the long, labor day weekend.

Be happy and love on someone today friends!


It's Football Season Y'all

Today kicks off Carolina's football season! If y'all didn't know, my very-soon-to-be husband is a Gamecock alum and is stoked about the game tonight. We're playing UNC at home. Tickets were impossible to get your hands on, so we'll be watching from our new house :)

Let me tell you what my least favorite part about today is going to be, trying to get home from work in all the football traffic. I work downtown, the university is right downtown, aka a big 'ol mess. However, I'll make my way home and get ready to cheer on my Gamecocks! Josh and I do happen to love UNC basketball but as far as football is concerned, I hope UNC goes home with a big loss tonight.

I think we've got a great season ahead of us and great potential to make it all the way to the...dare I say SEC Championship game...maybe even a National title?! Who knows?! All I know for a fact is that I love football season and all that comes with it. The cool air, the hoopla around the games each Saturday, the excitement that fills the city. It's a wonderful time of year.

Josh and I have tickets to the Vanderbilt game on September 14th and I can't wait to fill the stands with 80,000 other fans. As I was driving home from work on Monday I had my windows rolled down and I hear the rooster crowing and 2001 blaring through speakers throughout the city, I may or may not have gotten goose bumps.

I'm sporting my best garnet and black in the office today. The atmosphere around here is hyped, I liked it. I listened to 2001 as I turned the corner to head over the Gervais Street bridge into the city this morning. 2001 playing and the city skyline sprawled out before me.

Lets Go Cocks! It's time for some Carolina football!!


Wedding Wednesday

There are only 3 more Wedding Wednesdays before the big day, can you believe that?! I'm 24 days away from being Mrs. Colvin. Can I get a hallelujah?!

How in the WORLD we got to 24 days, I just don't know. I feel like we were chilling around 50 for awhile and then bam, it happened. We're in the twenties, mere days away from being in the TEENS, WHAT?!

Boy oh boy am I excited! I spoke with the wedding coordinator at our venue this morning to staple down every single detail. On Saturday I'm heading to order Josh's grooms cake for the rehearsal dinner. Our bachelor and bachelorette weekends are next weekend! Mom picked up the goodies to fill our favor boxes with. RSVP's are rolling into our mailbox every day. Things are getting real.

We are putting the (original) finishing touches on our house this weekend so that it will be perfect when we get home from our honeymoon. The whole house is done, and when I say done I mean everything is put away, things are hanging on the walls, but of course there is plenty that will evolve and change the longer we are there.....except for the guest bedroom which we are knocking out this weekend because it's a long weekend...THANK HEAVENS!

We booked our honeymoon this week...a little behind on that, I know. We decided to go to Hilton Head Island here in SC because I don't have a lot of time built up to take off of work yet and PTA classes are just now starting for Josh, so we picked the fanciest and nicest hotel in HHI we could find and we're going to live it up while we're there Sunday- Wednesday! I've never been to HHI so this will be an adventure for me. I am SO ready and looking forward to sitting with my husband on the beach and relaxing. Oh, music to my ears!

For our one year anniversary we hope to be able to "re-live" our honeymoon and hop on a plane to somewhere tropical. But I am so thankful to be able to even take a honeymoon and it's going to be absolutely perfect!

I mentioned earlier our bachelor and bachelorette weekends are next weekend and I can't wait to be with my girls celebrating, laughing and having a little too much fun. We are headed to Charleston to stay in 2 of my bridesmaids (hey Kayla and Kellie!) loft. I've got the cutest gifts to give to the girls and I can't wait for them to open it. Josh is headed to his best man's lake house for the weekend and I am certain that they will have themselves a good time.

Happy Hump Day friends!


Great is Thy Faithfulness

Oh man, the Lord is so faithful y'all. So, so faithful.

As you know, Josh and I closed on our house on Friday and are now homeowners (can I get a wahoo!?). We were very lucky that the sellers were paying a huge chunk of the closing costs which meant we ended up not anticipating to pay very much at all and our mortgage company quoted us to bring $300 and some change to closing. So, I'm waiting to hear from our closing coordinator on Friday to know the exact amount to wire over to our real estate attorney so we could close that afternoon. Well time was creeeeeping by on Friday, I'm talking moving so.slow. I was leaving work at 3 and it was around 2:15 and I still hadn't heard anything yet. I got a little panicky, because I wanted to have all of our ducks in a row. Well Josh sends me a text that says our mortgage company said we needed to bring a little over $1,000 to the closing...um excuse me?! They told us at max $313....where in the world was this number coming from? Josh had them check again and our loan officer called back and said he read it wrong (cue the angels singing) and told Josh that we needed to bring NOTHING to closing and that we would be getting a check BACK for over a thousand dollars (cue my crying). Y'all, I was floored, shocked, relieved...and a million other emotions. The thought of getting money back never even crossed my mind and here we were getting a check! I immediately dropped everything I was doing at work and praised God over and over. He knew that Josh and I could use the extra padding in our savings account...and how nervous I was over owning our first home and all the expenses that come with that and look what He worked out for us...

 And on top of that, our mortgage company forgot to lock in our very great interest rate when we applied for the loan...and it ended up going up .25% (booo!). But they are cutting us a check for double of what we got back from our closing to compensate us for their mistake (cue more angels and more crying). So now were are able to put away this money to pad our savings or use it for start up costs on a house...which there are a TON of! Setting up the tv, internet, water, buying the necessary furniture for the house, curtains, etc.
I just can't get over how the Lord is so faithful. I have been in prayer a ton lately and I had the thought last week, does God hear me? Is He listening? Is He going to answer? Does He love me?...Which of courses He hears me, is listening, and is going to answer in His time....and his love for me is tremendous...how silly of me to question that, how faithless of me to question that. And just when I'm on the brink of a breakdown, the Lord swoops in and in this case gives me a huge reminder of who He is, how much He loves me and oh how faithful He is.
Praise you Lord.


Welcome Home!

Today's the day dear friends! Josh and I will be signing our lives away closing on our first home today at 3:30! So if you think about us around then, send up a prayer, we'd appreciate it! I'd like to introduce you to the newest member of the Colvin Clan...

There it is, our pride and joy and most expensive purchase to date! We are SO excited to get in and make it our own and Josh is so stoked to have his own yard to work in...up first, moving that tree right in front of the house, haha! There's a cute little window behind there that is being hidden! 

I know I've said it many times, but we are so blessed that the Lord gave us the opportunity to purchase this home and I know that Josh and I will continuously cover this home in prayer...we want the Lord to fill this house every.single.day.

Oh! And I cannot WAIT to do a home tour here on the blog...once we get it finished (mostly) that is! We're moving allllll weekend, have I mentioned that I hate moving? If not...I hate moving. And Poor Josh, this is like his 14th move in the last 10 years but I promised him we'll be in this house for quite some time so, Lord willing, we won't have to experience any more moves in the next few years :) 

Yesterday we got to do our walk-through and I got our Realtor to snap this picture of us! Today's a big...VERY big, day friends. Be back soon with HOUSE updates (wahooo!!!)

Happy Friday!


The Final Countdown

Da nanana da na na na...please tell me that song popped into your head when you read todays title. We are at ONE MONTH until Josh and I get hitched!

It is hardly believable that we are at the one month mark. These past 9ish months have flown by and dragged on all at the same time. For awhile it seemed like September was never going to come but here we are, just days away.

We began marriage counseling last night and wow oh wow...I loved it. Actually, we both loved it. It was so enlightening and refreshing, I think that's the best way to describe it. We got to do worksheets about ourselves then about each other and I loved discussing all of our answers. We stayed for 3 hours...we were only allotted for 2 and I seriously could have sat there for 3 more hours (if I wasn't so hungry haha!) I can't wait to go back next week and continue. Josh even said "we should do this once a year to reconnect and refresh our relationship" can you believe that?! He is one good man I tell you.

Almost everything is checked off our list but when I made our "final" list a few weeks ago...there were like a 100 things on there, haha! But I wrote down every little thing that needed to be done so that I didn't miss anything. I'm excited to check things off of our final list so that I know all of the little loose ends are tied up.

RSVP's are filling the mailbox each day and I love opening them! I'm just over the moon excited about having everyone together to celebrate this beautiful love that the Lord has given to Josh and I. I think (and hope) that the whole day is going to be magical. I have this funny feeling I'm going to cry all the way down the aisle, through the ceremony, and back down the aisle...I kid you not. I guess we'll find out shortly :)

Our bachelorette and bachelor parties are just 2 weekends away, I'm planning a "put together programs and favors" get together with my bridesmaids (in our new house!!), I ordered my bridal canvas today, just to name a few of the things we are looking forward to/checking off the list.

Oh how I can't wait to be a married woman. Engagement, you have been fun but I'm ready for marriage and ready to be a wife! Here's the last month, friends!

xoxo, Soon-to-be Mrs. C.


Songs of Summer

As it's nearing mid to the end of August, summer is coming to a close in my mind. The days are getting a little shorter, the air is getting a touch cooler and my mind is on all things fall. In honor of summer 2013, I'm sharing my favorite songs of summer. I can't even begin to count how many times I've listened to these! I remember telling Josh at the beginning of summer when I first heard Bruno Mar's "Treasure" that it was going to be my theme song of summer and boy has it! I listen to it on the daily and can't wait for our DJ to blare it at our wedding because I will be on the dance floor like a dancing fool, trust me. And then when I'm done with my dance moves I am certain Josh will roll his out when "Blurred Lines" plays. I just can't resist a good summer anthem!
What songs did you keep on repeat this summer that will always take you back to the summer of 2013?


Weekend Wedding Festivities

This weekend I had a bridal shower thrown by the ladies of my church and wow oh wow, what a shower! I wish I had gotten pictures of the decorations because they had beautiful flower arrangements on the food tables and linen and purple flowers on each of the guest tables, it was beautiful. The ladies put in SO much work, I don't think a million thank you's could cover how much they did for me (and Josh) this weekend. We love our church so, so much.

There was a huge turn out at the shower and I am so thankful I got to speak to every person that walked through the door! We got an enormous amount of wonderful gifts and our house is going to be stocked full! Mom's car was completely packed on the way home. I can't wait to get things situated in our (new!) house this weekend!

Not only was my church family there but my bridesmaids were there, long time family friends, extended family members, Josh's family, and friends from college. It was wonderful having everyone in the same place and I can't wait until we're all together again celebrating the day away at the wedding! Which is 33 days away, by the way :)

We got no duplicates at the shower (besides oven mitts & tongs which we can never have enough of) which is fabulous so nothing has to go back, just into the kitchen cabinets! Josh and I were both so humbly that our friends and family love us so much. We have lots and lots of thank you notes to write!

After the shower Josh and I got to have a coffee date with Mackenzie and Haley before Haley headed back to home (which is out of town) and it was SO good to catch up! I'm pretty sure I told Josh at least  600 times when we left how much I loved my friends and how thankful I was for them. I was just so happy! Then on Sunday I got to have lunch with my bridesmaid Kellie before she and Kayla (who was sick and couldn't make it, sad day) head back to Greenville to start their last year of college. This weekend was just filled with so much joy, I needed it!

We also got to celebrate my Papa's 80th birthday this weekend! My Granny's 80th is just around the corner too. I'm telling you, this weekend was all about celebration! We also got to spend some time with some family that we haven't seen in awhile. After we celebrated, I showed Josh all of the gifts we got at the shower and Sunday we both spent the day packing up our houses, we move on Saturday!

It's closing in on wedding month!



Linking up today for 5 on Friday! It's a chilly (believe it or not!) and rainy one here in SC. But all the better reason to get home from work when the clock strikes 5, put on some jammies, sip on something warm and cuddle under blankets.

One week from today Josh and I will be closing on our first home, which means that next weekend is moving weekend!! I can't wait, I'm ecstatic, to put it lightly. I don't want to show the front of the house just yet...I want a cute little picture of us standing in front of it beside our SOLD sign next week but no fear, next Friday, you WILL have a picture of our home! For now, here's a sneak peek of our backyard and deck...minus all the furniture because the sellers are taking that, ha! I can't wait to be entertaining our loved ones out here very soon :)

My bridals came in this week and I can't WAIT to get my canvases on order. My photographer just blew me out of the water with her talents and the beautiful photographs she took. I'm so in love. Here's a little sneak peek...of my feet :) I wish you could show y'all every single one of them today!

I have another bridal shower tomorrow. The outpouring of love for Josh and I is just indescribable. I'm looking forward to being with those I love the most! The generosity we've experience from people during this wedding planning has been overwhelming, in the best way possible.

Yesterday marked one whole month of me being at my new job at HNB. It is such a great feeling each day being in an environment that I enjoy with people that I enjoy, what a blessing.

This week #5 has to go to the man of my dreams, Mr. Colvin. We are 36 days away from being married and I fall a little more in love with that man each day...I didn't even know that it was possible for me to love him anymore than I already do.


August is for Moving

For the last 3 years, at the end of every summer, right around August, I am packing up my room to move. I've moved to the same place the past 3 years as I was going back to college. This August is no different...well, at least in the moving aspect.

In a mere 2 weeks Josh and I will be moving into our first HOME! We're buying a house and close on August 23rd!

I have to say, packing up to move into my OWN house is much, much more fun than moving in a 2 x 2 dorm room! We are so in love with our little house and can't wait to get inside and make it our own!

The house buying process for us was probably unlike most people. Josh and I had been searching online since about March and periodically riding by properties. We had initially decided to not buy a house (we decided this soon after getting engaged) and were just going to do the apartment business for about a year (which is a great option). But my mom encouraged us to buy a house because it's a buyers market right now and the interest rates were just so stinking low.

About May, interest rates started to go up just a touch and Josh and I knew we needed to move quickly if we were serious about buying because we didn't know what the market was going to do. So we looked and looked and looked and kept being drawn to this one house we saw online. Everything about it seemed so perfect, so us.  And the price was excellent. So we decided that we'd go see the house and if it was a good as the pictures online (or better!) then we'd put an offer on it. So on a rainy Wednesday afternoon, July 3rd, we went and saw the house. Whenever we left the showing we both looked at each and other said "I felt like I was at home in there". The house was everything we could have ever asked for in a starter home. So we talked about it that night and on July 4th we went in and made an offer...the poor realtor had to work on a holiday, but I don't think he minded! On July 5th we got the call that our offer was accepted and now we're less than 2 weeks away from closing on our house! We literally only stepped inside one house to look at! But when you know, you just know!

It has been SO fun buying decorations and furniture for our new house and I've been packing it all up in boxes, anxiously awaiting our moving day. Josh gets to live in it first (lucky him!) and then I'll follow less than a month later when we get married! But don't you worry, it's on my way home from work and literally 2 streets over from my gym, so I'll be spending lots...and LOTS of evenings there :)

I pray this is house is a home full of love, a home where friends and family feel welcome and most importantly a home that is centered around Christ. Josh and I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to purchase our first home and have it (for the most part) put all together so that when we come home from our honeymoon we can start our married life in it. It has always been my dream to buy a house and have it totally ready for after I was married...but reality shortly set in and I realized that situation may not always work out and I was very content with the thought of us living in an apartment for a year...but this house came along and everything lined up and I can't wait to be a homeowner! I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a liiiiiitle nervous ;)

I'll be bursting at the seams to do a house tour on the blog once we're in a settled. My pinterest boards have been flooded with d├ęcor ideas!

One Passion Tea Lemonade, Please!

Order up! 

My absolute favorite drink from Starbucks in the passion tea lemonade, holy goodness! I am by no means a Starbucks junkie...I literally go once maybe every 3 months but it's tried and true that every time I go, a passion tea lemonade it is for me! As wonderful as Starbucks is, it is so unpractical to go every.single.day for a drink, so why not make my own version of the same thing? Genius, I tell you. 

So I headed straight to Target and bought a box of Tazo Passion Tea...I actually got mine from the Starbucks in Target...but if I would have walked to the back of the store to the grocery part I guarantee I would have spent probably...5 bucks less, haha! 

I put 4 tea bags in my tea pot with 2 cups of water (and a little splash extra, maybe 2 oz.) and let it brew then when it whistled I poured it in my container and then added 2 cups of lemonade to it (I had Minute Maid brand, just regular lemonade) and then shook it really good. Then I refrigerated it and did a taste test a little later and ahhhhh, sweet goodness! I can't wait to fill my cup up for work this week, it is such a refreshing drink!

Ok, now your turn! If you love this drink as much as I do, please do yourself a favor and make this, you will save a ton of money and have this awesome drink anytime you want! 


Invitation Reveal

I am so excited to show off our invitations today! They went out a few weeks ago so they should have arrived in everyone's mailboxes long before now and it is SO fun getting RSVP's in the mail everyday! 

I was browsing in Michael's one day when I was still in school and I went over to their wedding aisle and when I saw this paper, I thought to myself, how beautiful! I didn't know exactly what I wanted for the invitations yet but this paper really drew me in. A few weeks later I showed them to Josh and my mom and they both loved me so we bought a few boxes, all on sale! 

I contacted a paper place in town to print the invitations for us and after a few back and forth emails they just stopped contacting me, I was waiting on our proof and never got it...I guess they didn't need the business that badly! So I decided to just print them myself, they were made for that anyway! The brand of the invitations were Gartner Studios and in the box they give you their website and you put in the UPC code of your invitations and it pops up with a template to enter your information for the invites. It's so nice because they have all of the margins set but you are able to customize everything and make it your own. 

We got a Canon printer from Wal-Mart for around $60 and we got to printing. I was literally SO nervous the first one that I did, I just didn't know how they were going to come out. I wouldn't even look at the printer as it was rolling out, haha! I finally mustered up the courage to look and I squealed because they were so beautiful and exactly what I envisioned! 

I printed all of the invitations as well as the response cards and they all turned out perfect! I feed them into the printer one by one and I printed each one, one at a time, just so there wouldn't be a chance that anything would get jammed in the printer. Each box of invitations came with 40 invitations and 40 response cards along with the envelopes for each and we bought several boxes, all of them turned out great! They also give you extras to practice on in each box, which was very nice! 

The envelopes match the design on the paper and I love the simplicity of it! I ordered a stamp off of etsy to use to address the RSVP cards and to put in the return address spot on the invitation envelope. I was SO pleased with the stamp and the etsy show was wonderful to work with! It's so nice to have this stamp because we'll be able to use it on our thank you notes as well!

I ordered stamps from Zazzle and got "Love" ones for the invitations and matching "RSVP" ones for the response cards. When I got them in the mail I was very happy with how they turned out and they looked awesome on the invitations. Just like our Save the Dates, Josh addressed all of the invitations (kudos)! 

Josh loves the look of a sealed letter so we bought silver wax sticks from Michael's and a "C" stamp and wax sealed all of the invitations. What a tedious task, holy cow! BUT I am glad that we did it because I really thought it tied the invitations all together. However, we did almost burn the house down a few times and maybe caught a few invites on fire...haha! But overall, not a terrible experience, ha!

I was so proud of these invitations because we literally did all of it by ourselves and they turned out beautifully, I hope our guests like them as much as we do! I wish you could all see them in person, these pictures do them no justice!

We are also printing our programs ourselves, so I'm anxious to see how those turn out! They are paper from Michael's as well. We were going to get those printed also but seeing as how we couldn't get a proof on the invites...I doubt we'll have much luck on the programs so we'll do the work ourselves! Definitely a labor of love for this special day :)

P.S. Anyone else loving that Josh's middle name is Sebastian?! :)

 photo 003_zps8e7de5a1.jpg  photo 004_zps8edbbf87.jpg  photo 005_zps6a70e1b0.jpg  photo 006_zps002468c0.jpg  photo 010_zpsdba18877.jpg  photo 013_zps9e629fbb.jpg
 photo blog1_zpsa55c80e2.jpg  photo blog2_zpsa029b9a8.jpg
 photo blog_zps4e882812.jpg

40 days to go!


When You Have a Good Day at Work

I walked in the door when I got home from work yesterday and mom did her normal how was your day and I just beamed and said "GREAT!" She looked at me kind of surprised, haha! But I did have a great day yesterday and I wanted to tell everyone about it!
Yesterday started my 4th week at work and up until yesterday I still felt like a fish out of water and  was always having to ask how to do a task or be reminded about the copy machine, or mailings, etc. But yesterday, oh yesterday, I was very steady with work all day...which made the day go by SO fast! Literally, it was 5 o'clock before I knew it. And all the work that came to my desk, or was in my box, or was in my email...I knew how to do! I was getting things accomplished, not having to bug Lauren (who is training me) all day and for the first time since I've started, I felt smart and like I knew what I was doing! I know that sounds crazy but I really did feel like I finally fell into my place here at work and knew what was going on.
This is Lauren's last week here and I really have been a nervous wreck for this week to come because on Monday, I'm on my own and Lauren is off to her new life adventure. If you happen to think about it next Monday, say a prayer for me for my first day without her because I am sure I'm going to be all sorts of nervous!
I am happy to report that through my first 3 weeks of work I have really enjoyed it. I really enjoy those that I work with and the environment is a good one to spend most of your waking hours in. I got to thinking yesterday how blessed I was that the Lord provided me with a full-time, salary position right out of school. The first few months not knowing where I would be working were really tough and a touch stressful but the Lord knows what you need and knows just the time to give you what it is. I know that there are many people that I graduated with who are still looking for permanent work and my heart goes out to them because it's a tough market out there and it is so difficult to find jobs.
I hope that I continue to grow here at HNB, really get settled into my position and feel confident about the work that I am doing. I know it will take time but I already feel much, much more confident than I have the last few weeks and I am so thankful for that.
My mom gave me a picture frame for my desk with a beautiful prayer on it and I read it every day before I start my work day:
Lord  Jesus as I enter this work place, I bring your presence
with me. I speak Your Peace, Your Grace, and Your Perfect order
into the atmosphere of this office. I acknowledge your Lordship over all
that will be spoken, thought, decided, and accomplished
within these walls.
Lord Jesus, I thank you for the gifts you have deposited in me.
I do not take them lightly, but commit to using them responsibly
and well. Give me a fresh supply of truth and beauty on
which to draw as I do my job. Anoint my creativity, my ideas,
and my energy so that even my smallest task may bring you honor.
Lord, when I am confused, guide me. When I am weary, energize me.
Lord, when I am burned out, infuse me with the light of your Holy
Spirit. May the work that I do and the way that I do it, bring hope, life,
and courage to all that I come in contact with today.
And, Oh Lord, even in this day's most stressful moments...
may I rest in Your. In your string name I pray,
Lord Jesus.
Oh how powerful that is to read each morning. Please feel free to print it off and put it on your desk too, dear friend!
Here's to my 4th week at the law firm and to many more weeks to come. Here's to growing, learning, and developing a confidence in the work that I produce each day. And here is to those, especially, who are still looking for jobs, the Lord will bless you with the right one in His time.



I've seen many people in blog land talking about the She Reads Truth bible study for quite some time. I had browsed their website once, a while back, but didn't take a ton of time to stop and look at it. That is until about a week ago I decided I'd like to start the study. I wanted a study I could do as I came in to work each morning and look over at lunch time so I headed over to their website.
My, oh my, am I glad that I did. In the few short days that I have been doing the study I have been so blessed by God's Word! Their studies each day are so thought-provoking yet so simple to understand all at the same time. I find myself excited for a new morning to come so I can see what study is being posted that day. And I love how it's geared towards woman so I can really connect to it with my heart.
I totally recommend this to any woman looking for a new series of Bible study to do, I promise that you'll be blessed by what these ladies share each day. And not only do I feel filled with Christ after reading the post, but also after reading the comments from the other women who are doing the study! There are so very intelligent women who share their heart about the Lord and the Bible on there each day and I love pouring over the comments and thinking about Bible stories in all new ways!