The Only Constant is Change

Hi friends! How is it that a week has passed since I've blogged?! I've been super busy but of course, not to busy to keep up with everyone's blogs!

I started my new job yesterday and even though it's only the second day, I'm still trying to figure out my nightly schedule after I get home each afternoon and how to make my time at home productive. I've really enjoyed the first two days of work and the girl training me, Lauren, is SUCH a doll and I'm very sad she's leaving! I'm trying to retain a ton of information this week so that I don't make too many mistakes in the future ;)

This past week I have been literally in constant prayer, the Lord and I have had some great conversations. I have been totally leaning on prayer to calm my nerves at my new job, to help me make this new life transition smooth and many, many other prayers. 

I am so excited that this new chapter of my life has started and in just few days we'll be 2 months away from being newlyweds! So you can imagine life right now is filled with name change information, marriage licenses, home arrangements, insurance changes, I mean...I think I could type this lists for days, ha! But nonetheless, although they are things that stress me out at times, they are all great things.

Lauren and I were talking today about how the only constant thing in life is change and oh how true that is. She's getting ready to move to Georgia with her husband, I'm getting married, and so many changes are taking place right now. Change is so refreshing but also a time for adjusting and seeing what God has around the corner for you. Change excites me, scares me, makes me anxious, and especially makes me trust in the Lord as to what's to come.

As for the blog, I'll be having a review of a box I received in the mail from Influenster a few weeks ago, it was sponsored by Mary Kay and what a fabulous box it was, can't wait to share what goodies I received!

Here's to hump day tomorrow and a fabulous end of the week! I'm meeting up with some high school friends Friday after work and I can't wait to see their beautiful faces!

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