Tea Party For Twenty One

This past weekend my mom, my granny and I headed to a nearby town and went to the cutest little tea house you've ever seen! Mom heard about this tea room and thought it'd be the best idea to celebrate my 21st birthday and boy was she right. 

When you arrive you head upstairs to a loft type area and get to pick a fabulous hat to wear while having tea. They have every shape, size, and color of hats to choose from! We tried on quite a few before settling on the 3 we chose. You then head upstairs and get to pick your tea cup for the day from a huge table full of different tea cups! Then you head to your table to start sipping on some tea and tasting some delicious food.

The cold tea for the day was a black tea with a hint of watermelon...holy goodness. Then we started with a hot passiontea mango that was absolutely delicious! We started our food off with a peach scone and a peach soup. The scone was delish...the soup, kind of tasted like sour milk but that is the ONLY thing that I didn't particularly care for. And to counter that, I saw many tables with empty soup cups, so some people did enjoy it. 

You get to choose 2 teas for the day from a list of about 40 or 50. Mom and Granny let me choose so we had the pumpkin spice tea and the Granny Green Apple tea, and boy we're they to die for. The pumpkin took me straight to Thanksgiving/Christmas time and I was in heaven, we all loved it. And for the green apple, it was so refreshing and light, I loved it for a hot summer tea.

After the scone and soup we had a broccoli and cheese quiche and a slice of watermelon and cantelope...I truly meant to get a picture but we dug in so quickly that we all devoured it before I could get a picture of anyone's plate, ha!

Afterwards we had 3 tier tray with veggie sandwiches on the bottom, chocolate covered fruits in the middle, and cupcakes and fudge on the top. Each of us had one of each thing to taste and this tray was divine. Oh goodness the food was great. We were all stuffed when we left.

I am SO glad Mom thought to go do this to celebrate my birthday! The place was so sweet and quaint. We were there for probably 1 1/2 to 2 hours, it was quiet, everyone at the other tables were clearly enjoying themselves as well and the atmosphere was just perfect. We hope to be able to do this every year for one of our birthdays. 

Afterwards we shopped in the antiques stores in downtown Ridgeway, which was tiny but adorable. There were about 4 or 5 shops to go in and we literally find something at every shop. This one place, called the Cotton Market, had THE best furniture, I had to pry myself away from so many things, you have no idea. But we really did get a few gems while we were shopping. And the old feel off the town and street was so nice, we had the best day. I love spending days with those two women!

If you live in SC and want to go do something out of the norm, THIS is the place. Great for birthdays, bridal luncheons, or just a good excuse to enjoy yourself! The place is Laura's Tea Room. 


  1. Sounds like an incredible birthday in such a sweet little place! Yet another reason for Walker and I to move South :)

  2. Looks like a great place! Happy birthday!


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