Merry July!

I decided that it would be super fun for Josh and I to celebrate Christmas in July this year. We did something very low-key but it was such a good time and something we plan to do for years to come!

We didn't get to celebrate on July 25th but we did celebrate on the 26th. I decorated is apartment with Christmas decor and we listened to Elvis Christmas music alllllllll night. We kept laughing the whole time because it really did start to feel like Christmas time and we had to keep reminding ourselves that it was July!

We had sugar cookies for dessert after dinner in honor "Santa's cookies". Speaking of dinner, I wanted to do something different and something we hadn't had together before so I made chicken parmesan and thankfully, we both really enjoyed it. That was my first time cooking a legit meal before and I did it all by myself so I was a little nervous, needless to say. But it really did turn out great and I could kick myself for forgetting to take a picture of the finished product. But I will be sharing the recipe here on the blog very soon because it is so easy to make and is great for dinner! 

We were going to watch a Christmas movie but we literally didn't have one. So, for next year, we made note to buy Christmas movies, haha!
 photo 001_zps9627c53c.jpg  photo 002_zps9f1f718f.jpg  photo 006_zpsa91c734b.jpg

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  1. That is so creative!!! I have to say one of my favorite pictures is the one with the cards. Really cute and nicely done :)


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