Did You Just Say 57 Days?

57 days until I'm a MRS! Because the wedding countdown is getting suuuuurious around here I feel extremely obligated to talk about updates on le bloggy. 

So let's see...I took my bridals 2 weeks ago and was so freaking sad when it was over! What is wrong with me?! I felt the same exact way when our engagement pictures were over, I want to do everything over and over again...until I get stressed...then I'm ready to RUN as fast as possible to the court house with my man, ha! The CD of all the pictures should be here in the next 2 days so you'll have to excuse me while I sit in front of the computer screen for too many hours obsessing over how great our photographer is ;) (Hey Amanda, you're incredibly awesome!)

Our stamps for the invitations and our RSVP's came yesterday, woot woot! So cute! Speaking of invitations I have got to get the rest of those stuffed and then get them addressed, they're going out in 2 weeks!

 Our runner was ordered yesterday, SO excited for that bad boy to come it, it's going to be such a staple for the wedding "theme".

My first bridal shower is Saturday and I am over the moon excited about it! I can't wait to see everyone and celebrate this awesome union with my handsome groom :) Recap to come early next week, hold me to it!

A little gift for my bridesmaids for the bachelorette party came last week...and I got someone else's order...and I have YET to hear back from the Etsy shop about it getting it fixed...but I'm going to keep my cool...until next week, then I'm going to possibly lose it on that woman. And these little gifts are SO cute, I want to get my right order! 

I ordered a shirt to wear on our honeymoon yesterday and I'm looking forward to it arriving! Speaking of honeymoon...we really need to book that...like soon. No worries, we've pretty much got it stapled down, just gotta book it. I did take my time off of work this week for it though :) 

Alright now September 21st...HURRY HERE! I've got one fantastic man to marry!


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  1. THE FINAL COUNTDOWN....duh nuh nuh nuhhhh....haha. Hopefully you can get things figured out with that etsy shop.
    September is a very good month. ;) Birthday is the 19th. :D


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