Black and White Chic

I love a good, classic look. And I don't think you can get any more classic than an attire of black and white. I bought this maxi dress a few years ago and I LOVE IT! It's so easy to wear for a day of shopping or works perfect for a dressier event, just throw on some fab jewelry and a pair of great wedges and voila! What a great outfit. I love having staples like this in my closet and it's always my go-to when I'm not really sure what to wear or feel like I can't find anything to wear. 

I paired it with a leopard belt and gold accessories for church one Sunday morning. 

 photo 011_zps0619d33d.jpg  photo 014_zps03c25516.jpg

Since I started working I've really enjoyed being able to put outfits together everyday. Because the majority of my wardrobe the beginning of this summer was PJs or shorts and a tee ;) I've got to do a better job of taking pics of my work attire so I can put it together for a blog post, but I must be honest...I really enjoy getting out of those clothes as soon as I get home and get into my comfy ones, haha!

Happy Christmas in July!


  1. i am the same way, LOVE the classic look of black and white... and i love how you paired it with some fun accessories! i have that necklace and it is one of my faves :)

  2. I feel the same way about my work clothes. I have lately been rushing in the mornings and then go straight to the gym so no post for me. I am loving that maxi dress though!


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