Why I Hope I Never Stop Blogging

I'm a gal that loves, I'm talking l - o - v - e, loves to reminiscence. I just think it's so fun to look back and think back on things of the past (just ask Josh, I beg him to reminiscence all the time, drives him crazy!). I do this quite often with my blog. I'll sit down from time to time and read back over many of my old posts and drafts that I started but never got around to finishing or never published because I just needed to write them for me. 

I get so much joy from going back and reading old posts. They really take me back to the place and time that I was in when I first wrote the post. I especially like looking back on the first of my wedding posts. Even though that hasn't been but 6 months or so ago, just reading over the struggles of finding a venue and the frustration and knowing that we made it through and to see how far we've come, it's a neat road to follow. I love looking at not only how my writing has evolved, but how my life has evolved, changed, and grown from first starting my blog until now. I try to document big life events as well as the small ones, I want to remember it all. 

I know that in the future I will continue to love reading old posts and reminiscence about old times. Blogging is such a neat thing, you put yourself out there for others...to encourage, to share, to uplift and all the way you're probably encouraging yourself too. Blogging is an outlet that I'm so glad that I decided to pursue and I hope I keep it up for many years to come. I want to document the rest of our wedding planning, our years as newlyweds, our first home, our first child...everything. 

Not only do I love looking back on my old post, I absolutely adore reading others blogs. I literally look forward to checking my blog roll each morning to see what new posts are up! I love connecting with other bloggers, getting new ideas,  and being encouraged by the blog world. It's such a unique and special community. 

I love you, blog.

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