Spill About Your Love

Linking up with A. Liz Adventures for her series, Spill About Your L-O-V-E!

She posted 6 questions to answer about your groom, so here we go!

one. Describe your dating life prior to finding your fiance. 
I had two boyfriends before I started dating Josh. The first was for 7 months my freshman year of high school and the second was a year and 1/2 the second half of my sophomore year of HS and all of my junior year, we broke up before senior year (thank you Jesus!). A quick story, my last boyfriend and I broke up...while we were on an EIGHT DAY CRUISE TOGETHER. Stupid, stupid, STUPID me for agreeing to go on that trip. We literally got on the boat on Saturday and I looked at him and said "I am breaking up with you the second we get off this boat" BAHAHAHA. So needless to say, that trip was not-so-fun, a lot tears, screaming, anger, all in the middle of the Caribbean and no phone to talk to my mom, goodie goodie gum drops right?! 

two. Describe your fiance in one word. How would he describe you. 
Josh in one word-- caring. 
If he had to pick a word for me I'd say--loving. 

three. You had a really silly right. Embarrassing silly. What was it about? 
Basically all of our relationship has been long distance except for a couple months at a time and whenever  I was in school and he couldn't come up for the weekend because either I had something to do or he had something to do I would just get so sad and upset...for no apparent reason (other than missing him) and we never really fought about it but I'd just get so quiet and he'd never understand why I was freaking out, bless our souls. 

four. In three sentences (and only three), describe where you both hope to be in 5 years. 
We hope to be starting our family or have one little one. We hope that Josh will be in his PTA position. We hope that we are enjoying every second of a married life. 

five. Tell us something about your fiance that we wouldn't know from reading your blog. 
I'm not sure if I've mentioned this on the blog before or not but Josh is super talented in the music department. He can rock a piano like nobodies business (oh I LOVE to hear him play!) and he has the voice of a song bird. And can dance, holy smokes can he DANCE! He also knows EVERYTHING about every sport, literally. He is also obsessed with golf and  gets asked all.the.time for golf tips from everyone...I live, eat, and breath golf with that man, haha!

six. What's one thing you never thought you'd do in front of your fiance but you did?
I sing and dance profusely in front of him. And when we first started dating I knew I'd do it at some point...I just didn't know when. But I have been belting tunes and dancing around him for quite some time now. I also sometimes speak in my own made up language (it's weird, I know) and I was never sure I'd do it in front of him...and again, do it all the time and have been...for a long time, ha!

Love you, Colvin!


  1. My boy is a GREAT dancer too. It is quite an attractive quality... as you obviously know!

  2. Oh my goodness, I am always so in awe at those with really awesome musical talents -- especially piano! That is such a neat fact. You guys make a beautiful couple!


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