Lipstick Queen

Listen up ladies, I have one fabulous product to tell you about today! When mom and I were in Charleston for Memorial Day we stopped at this place called Pink Dot Beauty Bar. One of the guys that worked in there was putting makeup on me left and right..."do you wear bronzer...here try this one...have you heard of this product...what about highlighter....do you wear highlighter...what about this eyeshadow..." I mean just going on and on...very nice and helpful...but I left there with a full face of makeup on
top of what I already had on! Goodness gracious.  

Well he came flying at me with this lipstick and I was just like go ahead...might as well put it on me. And thank goodness he did, I finally hit the lipstick jackpot. It's a brand called Lipstick Queen and this guy claims that it's super hard to find in stores, which may be the case but you can find it at lipstickqueen.com. The color I got is called Jean Queen and oh my it is perfect! Such a great color and I absolutely love it! I have a hard time finding a good lipstick that I like because my lips are obnoxiously huge and if you put the wrong color on them...big mistake. But if by chance you get juuuust the right color, bingo! Perfection. 

This lipstick stays on forever and it is filled with so many great things for your little lippys and it feels SO good on, very, very hydrating.

Jean Queen
Jean Queen
If you're in the market for new lipstick I definitely recommend this one! 

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