Five on Friday

The weather today feels SO nice! It has been extremely hot in SC the past few days and it's 10 degrees cooler today with a nice breeze, I like it!

I took my girls on a walk this morning and they were extra hysterical. Dixie LOVES to take walks and just gets so excited when I tell her it's time to go on one. Well when we headed out this morning Lily was still a little sleepy and Dixie went up to chest bump her (they do this before every walk, that's how excited they get) and Lily fell right over...that's how tired she was, haha! Then as Lily was laying on the ground composing herself, Dixie bites her on the neck like "come on! get up, let's go!" It was a sweet, innocent bite of course and I laughed so hard! Those pups makes my LIFE, really.

 photo 001-13_zpsdb5a0922.jpg

Look at those cuties! #besties They started a new diet plan together the first of June...because they are literally 349375879522679 lbs overweight (thanks dad for feeding them table scraps every.single.day....awful awful awful) but no need to worry, they are getting slim and trim!

I'm trying a new recipe this weekend, I'm going to get the ingredients tonight. It's a baked pimento cheese spread. I had it for the first time when we went to our taste test for the reception at our venue and y'all, I have been DREAMING about this stuff, that's how good it was. So now I'm going to try my hand at it...let's all hope that it tastes as good as the venues.

Baked Tex-Mex Pimiento Cheese Dip Recipe

If it turns out like it's supposed to, you bet your bottom dollar the recipe will be on the blog pronto!

Kelly and her husband, Mark Consuelos are hosting Live today and I am loving it. Love, love, love that show now! I saw now because I just couldn't stand to watch it when Regis was on there, he gets under my skin for some reason or another but I love Kelly and Michael and Michael just so happens to be out today so Mark is filling in.

It's bark in the park this weekend at our local baseball field and I am hoping to get to take Dixie out there to enjoy a nice evening of baseball...because she's a dog and loves baseball? Crazy, I know. And it's Fathers Day this weekend, love you Dad!

Happy weekend friends, enjoy it!


  1. Hi there! Found you through fonf and that pimento cheese looks delicious! I'll be returning for the recipe! Happy Friday!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by, Laura! I'm hoping the recipe is delish so I can share :)


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