Weekend Rewind

What a great weekend that just passed! Friday night we went to our taste testing at our venue. They prepared their most popular dishes for us to taste and oh my goodness gracious, I could have sat there and eaten for days. The food was fantastic! Everyone always says that the bride and groom never get to eat at their wedding, well I assure you, I will be sitting somewhere and eating that delicious food, I promise you. 

Friday during the day we went to Belk and worked on our registry. We picked out our bedding, wahoo! Its beautiful but let me tell you, Josh and I have completely different styles and we may or may not have almost had a throw down in the midst of comforters and throw pillows. But no fear, we made up minutes later and compromised on a beautiful bedroom set that we both loved. We also got some pots and pans, beautiful serving dishes and towels. 

Saturday my sorority sister Tesla and her boyfriend were in town looking for apartments because she is starting law school at Carolina in the fall! I can't wait for her to be here full time and it was so nice to see her this weekend and enjoy lunch with her and Ridge. Saturday night Josh and I had the privilege of attending Josh (another one, ha!) and Taylor's wedding! It was beautiful and we had a great time! Congratulations Josh and Taylor, we wish we all the happiness in the world! We hope you have the best time in Florida and enjoy a lifetime of love and happiness! Josh, my Josh, had to save the day because Taylor left their wedding license in her car, at the hotel, so he had to rush and go get it with like 15 minutes to go before the ceremony but he made it! The group of guests there were made up of a lot of people that Josh went to high school and college with so it was nice to meet his friends from a few years ago, they were all very sweet!

On Mothers Day we headed to church and then went to my dads parents and had lunch and then came home and moms side came over and we had cake to celebrate the moms and grandmothers! On our way home we stopped by the market and mom, dad and I picked out new flowers for the yard. We came home and mom and I did work on the front of the house while dad was in the back. We planted flowers in front of the house and around the mailbox. Mom and I planting flowers is nothing short of hilarious but I must say, they look darn good. But mom did get a splinter and we had to do bathroom surgery. Planting flowers made me excited for Josh and I to have a house of our own and a yard to make beautiful! 

I did a "beauty box" theme for mom's gift. I have her a curly iron, this adorable shirt, and a box full of new eye shadows, brushes, nail polish, blush, and chocolate...I think it was a hit. So thankful to have a great relationship with my mom and it is an honor to be her daughter!

Our save the dates went out Friday! So, so excited! I'll be revealing them on the blog this week, I can't wait to show you!

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