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I sure do love a good Wedding Wednesday post! Lots of updates on our wedding today, we've been crossing a lot of things off of our list! I can't wait to be Mrs. Colvin :)

-We've purchased Josh's wedding band, should be here July 1st. Let me tell you how handsome my groom looked with that ring on his finger, oooo weeee!

-We met with our DJ and his wife is going to be our wedding director. They were the nicest people, I can't rave about them enough and how excited they made me for the wedding because they were so excited about it. Good people I tell you. 

-We picked out all of our flowers and arrangements!

-Picked out the bridesmaid dresses! They are beautiful and I can't wait to see how stunning the girls are going to be. 

-Our personalized stamps came in!

-We got baskets for our favor boxes and assembled most of the boxes. 

Now onto registering. We began our registry at Target this weekend and I must say, it was really fun. Josh was hilarious going up and down the aisle with the scan gun. We got lucky and there was literally NO one on the kitchen aisles while we browsed for our stuff. We really took our time to make sure we looked at everything and to pick out what we liked best. We did forget a few things and will be going back at the end of this week to add a few more things. We ventured to Bed, Bath & Beyond after to pick up a gift for a friends wedding that is this weekend and that is also another place we had planned on registering. But after going in there was had second thoughts. Now, I've been in BBB many times but going in and looking at all the stuff and trying to rack my brain to think where we would even start to register in there was mind boggling. They literally just have too much stuff, we were so overwhelmed. So we're putting them on the back burner for now and I think we're going to go to Belk and register for some more towel sets, bedding and luggage. 

Now tell me, where did you register? Where did you have the most luck? Josh and I were being suuuuuuuper polite on our first trip to Target and were trying not to register for too many things and trying not to register for anything really expensive. But then we realized that we needed more things than we had put on our registry and if we did put a big ticket item, more than one person could go in together and purchase it for us if they so desire. 

So round one of registering really was fun. I loved picking things out that will go in our new home, together. Plates that we'll sit together at our dinner table and eat off of while we discuss our days. Small appliances that I know we'll use to try new recipes that may or may not be delicious. It all seemed to come together and our new life together that is right around the corner seemed so real. It filled my heart to the brim. 

So, ready, set, go tell us what is a MUST for our registry and what places are a must for registering. 
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Clearly we enjoyed ourselves.

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  1. We are registered at BB&B, Target, and Pottery Barn. When we went to BB&B, we got a consultant who walked around with us and asked us lifestyle questions to help us figure out what to register for as well as gave us all of her wonderful knowledge on some of the products (like the best vacuum or softest sheets). We used Target to get some of the appliances at a little bit better rate, but the same stuff would have been at BB&B. Pottery Barn is where we found our dishes, so I registered for some kitchen stuff there. I just love how beautiful everything is!! :)


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