Yesterday evening Josh and I packed a dinner in our picnic basket and headed off to a local park. We stopped by Little Cesars and got a pizza, my Granny and I made a graham cracker and pecan dessert earlier during the day, and some fruit was on the menu for dinner. We had our blanket in hand, little speakers with our summer time playlist, drinks, a frisbee, a deck of cards, and beautiful weather. 

It was so nice being outside, sitting on the ground, enjoying a quiet, beautiful evening just enjoying each other. I think it's very necessary to take time out of our busy schedules to just do simple, easy activities together and focus on each other. I had the greatest time having great conversation with Josh, listening to some music and playing frisbee over dinner. And right now the weather is perfect to have an evening picnic! Except as the night went on I got like a zillion mosquito bites...thank you SC weather, I better get used to at least 4 more months of having these bites all over me! It never ends. 

I love that man more than words can say. He fills my heart with so much love and I can't wait until the time comes that I get to spend everyday with him. Love is such a beautiful thing.

 photo 008-4_zpsc0f4bd32.jpg  photo 009-5_zpsfba41b13.jpg  photo 011-5_zps5276bf9a.jpg  photo 012-5_zpsc9014a01.jpg  photo 017-4_zps29c851bf.jpg 
I cut his head off...
 photo 019-5_zps62b0f64e.jpg 
...then he cut mine off, ha!
 photo 021-6_zps4e6b448b.jpg  photo 022-5_zps78d8a159.jpg

Happy Memorial Day weekend!

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