He Provided

I have some very exciting news to share with you today dear friends! I accepted my first, what I like to call, "big girl, real life" job yesterday! I will be a legal assistant at a law firm in downtown Columbia and I could not be any more excited. The Lord truly provided for me during my job hunt. 

I've expressed on here, quite a few times, a time or two my woes with finding a job after graduation. As a matter of fact, I just posted about my season of waiting. Let me share with you how this job came about. One of my bridesmaids, Mackenzie, was having a woman's bible study that her mom was hosting each week at their house. Once we got home from school her and I started attending the bible study each week. Well one week I had an interview for a law firm the day after bible study and Mackenzie was telling her aunt about my interview, because she works at a law firm as well and Kenz wanted to know if she knew of the one that I was applying at. Well, Mrs. Christie, asked me what kind of position I was interviewing for and after I told her it was an administrative position she kind of perked up and said that one of the girls at their firm was moving to Atlanta in August and they were looking for someone to do her job after she left. She told me to send her my resume and we'd go from there. I sent over my resume and the next day she helped get me an interview set up for the next week. I went in for the interview and everything went really well. A few weeks went by without me hearing anything but Mrs. Christie kept in touch, letting me know that they really liked me and that I'd hear something soon. Well sure enough last week she sent me an email and asked if I come in this week and talk about the job. 

I went it at our appointment time and they offered me the position! I was so happy, excited, relieved, and about 100 other emotions. I had prayed for a long time that if this was the job that God wanted me to have that He would open the door for me and push me through it. I hate making decisions, especially big ones, so I have prayed ever since I graduated that my job decision would be cut and dry and that it was. It's so funny that I started going to bible study with Mackenzie, that her aunt went too, that she heard us talking about my interview at another firm and that she helped me to get an interview at her firm. It really felt like the Lord had His hand on the situation and was making plans for me. 

I start on July 15th which is wonderful because I have a good month and a half to finish planning the wedding and get everything in order. AND I can enjoy a good chunk of summer and really enjoy my time before I start working, it really is a win-win situation because I know that I have a job and still have some free time left to enjoy. 

I was laughing as I told my friends about my good news because I was raving over medical, dental, and vision insurance and IRAs and paid time off...can you say growing up?!? 

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  1. Yep jobs from God tend to have amazing ways of showing up! Congrats girl!! I know if is a relief!!


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