Dad oh Dad...do I have a story for y'all today. This past week  I had a freak out because I thought I had misplaced my engagement ring. Here's how the story goes...

I was in the shower one night and I use our hall bath. I laid my ring on the counter because I don't like to shower with it on. I got out and went about my business. Normally, I always pick up my ring and put it back on but tonight I didn't for some reason. An hour or two passed and I went to go to bed and realized that I didn't have it on so I went to the bathroom to get it and...no. ring. 

I looked in all the places I could think that it'd be and I couldn't find it so I go get mom out of bed and her and I start on a hunt for it. We tore the house APART. I mean taking out couch cushions, on my HANDS AND KNEES crawling down the hall with a flash light, and I truly thought the ring fell down the sink. I literally had my head under the faucet and I just knew it had fallen down there. Mom thought there was no way it could get down there because my ring is pretty big and the slot is pretty small. We took the living room apart again, I looked in every nook in my room and I just knew we had to take the sink apart. We were thisclose to waking dad up but he was sleeping so well snoring and had to get up for work the next day. 

Just before I was going under the sink to figure it out to take it apart mom looked on the opposite side of the counter from where my ring was. And it was just sitting pretty behind mom's night cream. And it so happened that mom didn't put her night cream on this particular night because her skin was super dry and she used a different cream. ANY other night she would have put her cream on and seen the ring. I was so relieved when she found it, oh you just don't know! I thought maybe when I picked up my clothes it got tossed across the counter but it all just seemed so odd that it got that far from it's initial spot. 

So fast forward to the next night, mom and dad are riding together in the car sitting at a stop light and dad goes "oh did Lindsay find her ring last night?" Mom said her eyes almost popped out of her head and that she almost socked him one, ha! He had saw my ring on the counter and HID IT behind mom's night cream while I was in the shower. He figured that since mom puts on her night cream every night she'd surely see it and when I started looking for it she'd know where it was. He also meant to tell me where it was before he went to bed but he wanted me to "sweat it" a little and fell asleep before he told me. 

That man almost sent me into cardiac arrest! And he got a kick out of it. The next night after I got home he said "if you ever make that much noise while I'm trying to sleep..." and my mind suddenly went racing I was like "WHAT YOU HEARD ME?! YOU DIDN'T GET UP!?!?" And he started laughing uncontrollably and told me the whole story. I was in shock and he was so tickled by the whole thing that I just couldn't bring myself to be that mad at him. 

So I have learned my lesson and will now listen to Josh allllll the times he's told me "don't leave your ring on the counter" and now place it in a nice special place in my room each night while I shower. Oh dad. 

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