A Really Late Weekend Recap

Soooo, I may or may not be a little behind on recapping the 3 day weekend that took place this past weekend. But better late than never right? Ok, good!

Friday night I spent mom and dad's date night with them, Josh was in Aiken for the weekend so I tagged along with my parents and it felt good to hang out with them on a Friday night, that truly hasn't happened in years. Saturday morning mom, granny and I headed out and got started on my bridesmaids gifts! I got the initial gift started and they turned out so cute, I can't wait to get it all put together to give to the girls! Then we had an appointment in Sumter to pick out the wedding cake. The lady making our cake is so sweet and the cake that she is doing for us is going to be stunning. She's made one very similar before and it was gorgeous so I have no doubt that she's going to do a fantastic job on ours. And Josh loved the one I picked out and it was just what he wanted so a win-win there :) 
 photo 016-8_zpse11598fb.jpg  photo 023-5_zps212d9ff8.jpg  photo 024-2_zps3a68dc7e.jpg  photo 025-4_zpse47fb64f.jpg  photo 027-5_zps04589606.jpg

While we were in Sumter that happened to be a festival in town at Swan Lake and it was a beautiful day so we headed down there and looked around and enjoyed the weather. Then we headed on back home. On Sunday mom and I got up early and headed down to Charleston for the day. We went to Folly Beach first and literally laid on the beach in our clothes for like 2 hours. We were just enjoying soaking up the sun and how nice it was out and relaxing. It was a great start to the day and I'm glad we got out there and left when we did because there was 4 miles of traffic coming into the beach when we left...you could definitely tell it was a holiday weekend. After we packed up our beach chairs we headed to downtown Charleston and shopped at the market. We didn't find much but we did window shop a little and people watch. We also stopped in this new beauty bar and I got this gorgeous lipstick, perfect for summer! 

After our downtown journey we headed to North Charleston and shopped at the outlets! We both got new Coach umbrellas...for a whopping $17, score! And I got a few new tops, a pair of shorts, some running shorts, Josh a new tee and some earrings. 

The weather was perfect all day, and all weekend really and it was so nice to enjoy the day in Charleston with mom. We did so much in one day it literally felt like 2 days had passed when we got home, haha! I'm so glad we went down to the beach to start the day, it made me so excited for summer!
 photo 029-2_zps2098aad3.jpg
 photo 030-2_zps1862d857.jpg
 photo 032-4_zps5d1eb9e3.jpg  photo 035-3_zps482fddec.jpg  photo 038-4_zps76e0320c.jpg

Memorial Day was pretty low key. Josh and I hung out at a new park we found (and it is the best park ever!  so much shade and well taken care of), we played frisbee for awhile then we made a Target and Sonic run, not a bad day. That evening I spent some time sitting outside swinging with my grandparents and cousins, much needed family time. (Thank you soldiers for all that you do for this country, you make us so proud!)

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