A random title for a post, right? Well let me tell you, I definitely have a list of what to do and not to do for a wedding dress fitting after my fitting yesterday. 

First let me start off by saying how surreal it was to have my dress fitted yesterday! I don't think I've mentioned on here but I got a steal of a deal for my wedding dress, but the downside is there was only one...and it was a size 8...I happen to be about half that size, maybe a little less. So needless to say, a lot had to be done to this dress, basically taking half of it off and rebuilding it a bit. 

They lady I'm working with for the alteration is amazzzzing, she really couldn't be any sweeter or easier to work with. And knowledgeable about wedding dresses, which makes me feel very confident leaving that very important dress with her. 

Anyway, point of the post. My dress had a lot to be done with it so it took her about an hour and a half to get the dress pinned for alterations. Before we started she asked me if I had eaten lunch because I was going to be standing for awhile and I said no but that I'd had breakfast and I wasn't feeling too hungry quite yet and that I'd be OK...oh boy was I w-r-o-n-g. 

About 50 minutes in I started to get really hot and I started to get really hungry. I was thinking to myself, I really should have had a snack and some water before I got up here. I was having to hold my dress up for her so she could pin underneath it (because there are like 67 million layers) and it was starting to get heavy. The next thing I know, black spots start closing in on my eyes and I remember saying "I think I need to sit down" and sure enough, I sat alright, but not very gracefully. The black spots took over my eyes and I passed out right on the floor, fell off the platform I was standing on and was covered in that gigantic wedding dress as I was laying on the floor, what a mess. I came to and my mom was looking me straight in the face with this look on her face like "oh my lord". The seamstress was holding my dress and her husband caught me from hitting my head on the floor. 

As not funny as it was that I fainted, whenver I came to I was surrounded by my wedding dress and for some reason I just thought it was so funny that I was sprawled out on the floor with all these pins in my wedding dress and it spread all over the floor and crinkled up around my head, haha what a sight I'm sure that was. 

After standing for so long and holding the dress up and being pinned, it was not a very good combination and down like statue I went. My poor mom was so afraid, the look on her face was priceless, bless her heart. So future brides, when going to your dress fitting, if you know you're going to be there for awhile do the following: 

Eat (at least) a snack before going and bring a bottle of water with you
Bring gum or mints to keep your blood sugar from falling 
After standing for about 30-45 minutes ask your seamstress if you can sit for a few minutes (I promise she won't mind)  
Don't lock your knees and don't look forward or down the whole time

My seamstress was such a doll and said this happened more times than I'd imagine. I think I apologized a million times for having to hold up our appointment but she didn't mind one bit and she checked on me time and time again once we got started back. 

So, I hope me fainting in this dress isn't a bad omen, haha! Mom said to make sure our ceremony was quick so I didn't have to stand still for too long and to make sure her seat was really close to me so she could be on alert, haha! What an adventure. I can't wait to get my dress back and see what it looks like when it finally fits!


  1. Yikes! That must have been scary, glad you are okay. I am sure your dress will turn out lovely!

  2. I passed out too!!! Lol, at least we're not alone:)

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