Well folks, the day has come and sadly gone, that day being the day that we had tickets to the Masters. Tuesday Josh and I embarked on a very big event for our 2013 year, not as big as our wedding though. That event just happened to be the Masters. All of my southern readers, and possibly all my readers, should know what the Masters is, only the biggest golf event of the year. 

We applied for tickets in June, if you know anything about the Masters you know that getting your hands on tickets is like finding a pot of gold, really. We got really, really lucky this year and our names got picked to get tickets. I'm pretty sure Josh almost went into cardiac arrest the day he found out we got tickets. We got 4 tickets so the two of us and my future in-laws went to the Tuesday practice round. 

I can't even begin to describe to how you perfect the Masters was, I'm talking immaculate. It seemed like not a piece of grass was out of place. The bathrooms, oh my gosh, they wiped down the toilets before you went to the bathroom, gave you lotion for your hands after you washed them, I mean it was nothing like anything I'd ever seen before. And the whole place was just magical, it sits right off of a main highway but once you get inside, you'd never know. It is like a land of its own, very cool. 

Before Josh, I knew nothing about golf nor cared anything about golf but now, boy oh boy do I love it now. I truly do. I was like a giddy child while we were at the Masters. I knew all of the players, I knew about the course, I knew the clubs being used, Josh is quite a good teacher to say the least. As bad as this may or may not be because he reputation kind of tanked a few years ago, I was elated to see Tiger. I'm talking, chased him around the course until I saw him. He didn't tee off until the afternoon and I had a mini panic attack that he wasn't going to come on the course at all Tuesday, but thank goodness he did. I also saw Rickie Fowler who I'm a big fan of and Phil Mickelson, Jason Day, Bubba Watson, Webb Simpson and the list goes on and on. 

I got super burnt, my feet were dying by the end of the day, and I am was some sort of tired but what a day at the Masters. I am literally itching to go back, the Masters bug has bitten me. I attribute that to Josh. I had such a good time on Tuesday and I hope we get to go back in the very near future. Oh and have I mentioned that Josh has a picture shaking Tigers hand at the Masters many, many years ago and Tiger's signature is on it. Talk about signed, sealed, delivered. Now for the fun part, pictures!

To say that Josh was in heaven all day would be an understatement. He probably loves the Masters almost as much as he loves me. It was so neat to me to be able to take part in something he loves so much and has taught me so much about that I have come to love it too. Just another great example of taking interest in what your partner enjoys, because of me doing that I was able to experience the Masters yesterday with him and totally enjoy it myself and get to finally see what he has been telling me so much about.


  1. Such a fun post to read and great pics lady!! You guys are so lucky to have gotten to go! I can totally relate to taking interest in sports with your guy, it makes things so much more fun and exciting to share that together. Have a great day!

    1. Thank you so much, m'am! We really did get lucky to be able to snag tickets! So glad you can relate in taking interest in sports, it really is so nice to be able to share that! And even nicer when he takes interest in shopping while I drag him around the mall ;) haha!

  2. THIS IS SO COOL! I'm jealous y'all got to go! My cousin lives in Evans and works at the Masters tournament. I find the whole thing so enchanting and fascinating about the immaculate care the course is given and the incredible talent that plays - so very cool!

    1. It really is enchanting, it's like nothing I've ever seen before! So neat that your cousin gets to work it, I can imagine what an experience that is!


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