I think all we did this weekend was take pictures, haha! Our engagement shoot was this weekend and praise the Lord, the sun was out, it was warm, the wind barely blew and we had a perfect day! Amanda Rae Photography did our pictures and Amanda and her husband, Jamie, were a delight to work with! They made us feel so comfortable (Josh and I were a little nervous going in, I'm not sure Josh ever relaxed poor guy lol) and they were so creative with our pictures!

Here are just a few sneak peeks from the session, whenever we get our CD of all the picture prepare yourselves for a photo overload :) She has sent just a few over for us to look at and I'm already dying over them!

 photo 564469_549797841718714_455937496_n_zps038b33e5.jpg  photo 24642_549902981708200_1217461831_n_zps40c74f15.jpg  photo 561304_549798378385327_1489550707_n_zpsfa70ba75.jpg

Oh my goodness, this wedding business feels so real now. But is it lame that I'm sad our engagement pictures are over? I want to go back and do them again, it was so fun! 

I finally got a much needed haircut this weekend and after our pictures we had dinner with my family! We then proceeded to go to Tar-jay and the mister bought me 2 new bottles of Essie polish for Easter, yay spring colors!

Sunday we got up early and went to sunrise service, had breakfast at church, came home and opened Easter baskets from the Easter bunny then we headed to church. Afterwards we spent the afternoon at my grandparents, such a nice weekend at home!

The next time I'm home I'll be a college graduate and will be home for good! 

 photo 023-5_zps9894d1f9.jpg  photo 018-6_zps46d0d404.jpg  photo 017-4_zps83cf4ee7.jpg  photo 016-8_zps366ed30f.jpg  photo 007-3_zps4bbb7f18.jpg  photo 005-8_zps0c8a15d6.jpg

I hope that everyone had a beautiful Easter weekend and celebrated Christ dying on the cross for our sins to save us and promise us eternal life in heaven!


  1. love the happy easter photo!


  2. I'm dying over your engagements! They are beautiful! And you are right to be a bit sad that they're done...I remember feeling that way too! Being engaged is such an amazing season of life and you are doing your best to soak it all up! Enjoy every moment! Not to say that the married season is bad (it's wonderful!) but you just won't have another season in your life quite like this one. Treasure it :)


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