For my internship credit this semester I interned with the radio station on campus. Our one and only project was to put together, write, and record a story. The story needed to be a good one. One that hooked people, made them want to listen, and meant something to us. 

When I was told about the assignment my mind starting racing and I was thinking oh my goodness what in the world am I going to record? What story am I going to tell? And then it hit me, our proposal story! It was perfect. I had to do a lot  a little bribing to get to Josh to agree, but thankfully he did! I am so excited to have this recorded and put together so well. We sat down and wrote out the day, through my eyes and through his and in the recording we go back and forth telling the story. After we wrote it, we recorded it and then my professor and I perfected it with music and sound effects. 

This is the most special project that I have done in college and I am so proud of it. I love, love, love the fact that I have our proposal story on a recording. The emotion in our voices, the words we chose to describe the day, everything about it is perfect. 

I hope you enjoy listening to our story, I could listen to it all day, everyday. That is one sweet man I'm marrying. The Lord sure did bless me. This recording is something that we can keep forever and go back and listen to any time we want to relive that very special day. I can sit back, close my eyes, and feel like I'm right back in that moment on December 2. It is so wonderful. Josh sure does have a way with words!


  1. SO beautiful! I'm sure it's something you'll both treasure forever :)

  2. oh my word lindsay! I'm crying and i've heard the story before! So amazing to hear if from both of you! I bet you got a 100 on this project!


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