This weekend I put on my cap and gown and strutted around campus while Josh photographed me. That statement just made it sound much more glamorous than it actually was, haha!

I wanted to get a few keepsake pictures in front of some prominent landmarks on campus and I must say Mr. Colvin did quite a good job on the pictures. 

 photo 003-6_zpsc93adfe4.jpg

Looking through these pictures really makes me reflect on my time at Lander and how quickly it has passed by. What.a.blessing. these last three years have been. I have grow more than I ever thought possible. I have been educated by some great educators and I am leaving this institution with more knowledge than I ever thought I'd have. 

The friendships that have developed in this place truly awe me, I am leaving some of my best friends behind this month, but I am certain that these friendships are going to continue to grow and blossom over the years. I am so humbled to have been able to meet so many great people and befriend them all. 

 photo 040_zpsad852b45.jpg

I don't know exactly what my future holds beyond my graduation, besides getting married! But I do know that I am leaving this place equipped with the knowledge and confidence in myself to do whatever the Lord may have for me and whatever opportunities await me. 

Lander, I love you. You have been home to me for the last 3 years and those three years have burned into my brain some wonderful memories. I have sat in your classrooms and gained tons of knowledge, I have spent many nights cringing over papers and projects, I have spent times with friends that I'll never forget, and   I have grown and developed. 

 photo 018-6_zpse17992d9.jpg

So here's to graduation, a new start, transitions and changes, and great things to  come! I'm packed full of knowledge, I know myself better than ever and I'm ready to conquer whatever comes next. Thanks, Lander University. 

 photo 024-2_zps876a6971.jpg

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