I am now a Lander Alumni, you guys! Yesterday was graduation day and today I woke up a college graduate and an educated woman...or so my degree says so ;)

What a whirlwind yesterday was. When Josh and I pulled out of Lander between the brick columns and fountains, the waterworks came on full forced and I'm pretty sure I broke out into a "I can't do this, take me back, don't drive away!" Haha, what a mess! But as soon as Lander was out of sight, I was happy to have accomplished so much. Man, was it tough to leave, I really wasn't expecting to be so sad when I left. But I gotta tell ya, walking across that stage, I don't think I could have smiled any bigger or walked any prouder, that was one proud moment.

I'm ready for whatever life has to offer me. I'm ready to follow my career path, whatever the Lord has for me, and five months from this exact day I'm ready to marry my sweet, sweet man. What a few months I have ahead of me. I'm anxious, nervous, apprehensive, excited and most of all ready. Hey life, here I am and I'm ready to do this!

 photo 024-2_zps22fd6afe.jpg  photo 032-4_zpsbef5cddb.jpg  photo 036-3_zps7c08d0e5.jpg  photo 046-1_zps04b3d1b9.jpg  photo 048-1_zpsfc7826d7.jpg  photo 053_zpsd98b288d.jpg  photo 037-3_zpsfb49fca1.jpg  photo 057-2_zpsaf759080.jpg  photo 066-2_zps3eafaf6e.jpg  photo 103-1_zps7b0b4e9f.jpg
 photo 100_zps0cc7fe5f.jpg
 photo 073-1_zpsd9df5d1e.jpg


  1. Congratulations! Welcome to the big kid club.
    p.s. you graduated really early in the year, ha. Most colleges around here don't graduate until mid may.

  2. WOO HOO! Congratulations! :) :)

    I love that picture with the Bings :) Definitely saw it on facebook and "liked" it, haha!

  3. yayyyy, congrats pretty lady! :)

  4. CONGRATS!!!
    Best feeling ever!

  5. Congrats! Your graduation seems really early for my area but welcome to the "real" world!


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