Howdy folks, happy hump day! Today is going to be full of a whole bunch of randomness. Strap on your seatbelts, here we go. Here are a few songs that I can't get enough of lately, I'm listening to them on repeat! I can't listen to these enough, seriously! Especially Kelly and Vince's "Don't Rush" ahhhhh sweet goodness to my ears!

I sat in a classroom at Lander University for the very last time today, bittersweet I tell ya. I graduate in 3 days #holla #readytodothisbiz I also should be hanging on to that 4.0 for this last semester. 

I'm still on the job hunt but I'm certain the good Lord is going to lead me right to the job He wants me to have and through all my prayers He is doing well to keep me from getting frustrated with my hunt. 

I don't think I've told you guys yet but next weekend my girlfriends and I are going to PANAMA CITY for an extended girls weekend and happy graduation/summer celebration. I can't wait to be laying on the beach with some of my favorite ladies, greatness. 

Currently I'm blogging from my closet because I wanted some fresh air so I opened my window and what do you know, a big bee flies in and won't leave. I'm going to chase him out of this joint soon. 

I've been slaving over save the dates designs for the past few days and I'm about to wrap the design up and present it to Josh and let him tell me how much he hates it, haha kidding of course. He is going to tell me how much he loves it and we're going to spend lots of time addressing those bad boys and sending them out. I can't wait for our guests to get them AND to reveal them here on le bloggy! They are awesome I tell you, just wait. 

I'm starting a Bible study with Mackenzie this summer! Her mom is leading it for a group of ladies and Kenz and I are going to join them, I wish I could explain to you how full my heart is knowing that I'm going to be worshiping and fellowshiping with Mackenzie and new ladies this summer!

I'm packing up my room this week and mom and dad are coming to move me out on Friday. Mom is spending the night on Friday #slumberparty. After I move home, the next time that I move will be into a house with my husband, I can't tell you how sweet that sound is to my ears.

Well, that really was a bunch of randomness for today's post, but I hope you enjoyed it!

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