With all the changes and transitions going on for Josh and I right now, we decided it was a good time to sit down together and make a prayer list. A list full of things we wanted to be in deliberate prayer for, things that were very specific. Prayer has become to powerful for me (and the both of us) over the last year and it is the first thing I do before making decisions or when stressful situations arise or just when I need to thank the Lord for all that He has done for me. 

Do you have a prayer list? Many times I lay my head down at night with thoughts of what I need to prayer for and often times it slips my mind all of the things that I wanted to pray for. This is where a specific list comes in handy. You can look over it before you go to say your prayers and if in the middle of your prayer, you forget something on the list, you have it right there to remind me. 

Josh and I made a list for our lives together. It contains things like jobs, house hunting, finances, our wedding, our marriage, and the like. I also have a list for myself of things that I need to be praying for or when people ask me to pray for them. Like asking God to prepare my heart for marriage, how to be a good wife, to present the right job opportunity when the time is right, etc.

I have come to learn over the past few months to be clear with your prayers and to be deliberate with them. I used to pray in a round about way, but now I pray with intention and leave me heart open for the Lord to show me what He may. 

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  1. I love this post-- I complete agree with every word. I have done the same thing as I have realized the impact of prayer on every aspect of my life... especially discernment of the future and preparation for marriage, like you. And there's nothing better than praying together, in my opinion. It is such a special thing to share a conversation with the Lord!


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