It's been quiet around here the past few days huh? Well I just got back last night from a girls trip to Panama City Beach, Florida! We had such a good time and it was the perfect way to kick off the summer season! I went with my friends Mackenzie, Paige and Caroline and we got a great Groupon for a hotel/condo on the beach. The beaches on the gulf are much better than SC beaches. The sand was so white and fluffy and the water was clear and a beautiful blue/green color, oh my take me back! We decided that we're going to make this an annual shindig because it is so important to take good care of your relationship with your friends. We want to be able to commit and extended weekend to spend with each other every year.

By the way, I now have a little bit of hatred in my heart for Georgia. I swear to you we spent the whole entire trip driving through all these back roads of Georgia with nothing in sight...not a thing. Now of course, I don't actually hate Georgia but after the 81/2 hour ride there and the 8 1/2 hour ride back, I wouldn't mind if I didn't have to drive across Georgia for awhile, ha!

We shopped, rode a banana boat through the ocean (which was hysterical), ate some great food, laughed until we couldn't anymore and just had the best, relaxing vacation.

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Now it's back to reality...booooo. But on the bright side, our save the dates are being ordered today and we're meeting with our florist this week, yay! I cannot wait to reveal our save the dates to you guys in a couple weeks, I slaved over these bad boys! We have tickets to see Kenny Chesney and Zac Brown Band this weekend and I am stoked, I can't wait for Saturday! 

I'm still on the job hunt with no leads quite yet so if you'd keep me in your prayers, I would greatly appreciate it! 



A random title for a post, right? Well let me tell you, I definitely have a list of what to do and not to do for a wedding dress fitting after my fitting yesterday. 

First let me start off by saying how surreal it was to have my dress fitted yesterday! I don't think I've mentioned on here but I got a steal of a deal for my wedding dress, but the downside is there was only one...and it was a size 8...I happen to be about half that size, maybe a little less. So needless to say, a lot had to be done to this dress, basically taking half of it off and rebuilding it a bit. 

They lady I'm working with for the alteration is amazzzzing, she really couldn't be any sweeter or easier to work with. And knowledgeable about wedding dresses, which makes me feel very confident leaving that very important dress with her. 

Anyway, point of the post. My dress had a lot to be done with it so it took her about an hour and a half to get the dress pinned for alterations. Before we started she asked me if I had eaten lunch because I was going to be standing for awhile and I said no but that I'd had breakfast and I wasn't feeling too hungry quite yet and that I'd be OK...oh boy was I w-r-o-n-g. 

About 50 minutes in I started to get really hot and I started to get really hungry. I was thinking to myself, I really should have had a snack and some water before I got up here. I was having to hold my dress up for her so she could pin underneath it (because there are like 67 million layers) and it was starting to get heavy. The next thing I know, black spots start closing in on my eyes and I remember saying "I think I need to sit down" and sure enough, I sat alright, but not very gracefully. The black spots took over my eyes and I passed out right on the floor, fell off the platform I was standing on and was covered in that gigantic wedding dress as I was laying on the floor, what a mess. I came to and my mom was looking me straight in the face with this look on her face like "oh my lord". The seamstress was holding my dress and her husband caught me from hitting my head on the floor. 

As not funny as it was that I fainted, whenver I came to I was surrounded by my wedding dress and for some reason I just thought it was so funny that I was sprawled out on the floor with all these pins in my wedding dress and it spread all over the floor and crinkled up around my head, haha what a sight I'm sure that was. 

After standing for so long and holding the dress up and being pinned, it was not a very good combination and down like statue I went. My poor mom was so afraid, the look on her face was priceless, bless her heart. So future brides, when going to your dress fitting, if you know you're going to be there for awhile do the following: 

Eat (at least) a snack before going and bring a bottle of water with you
Bring gum or mints to keep your blood sugar from falling 
After standing for about 30-45 minutes ask your seamstress if you can sit for a few minutes (I promise she won't mind)  
Don't lock your knees and don't look forward or down the whole time

My seamstress was such a doll and said this happened more times than I'd imagine. I think I apologized a million times for having to hold up our appointment but she didn't mind one bit and she checked on me time and time again once we got started back. 

So, I hope me fainting in this dress isn't a bad omen, haha! Mom said to make sure our ceremony was quick so I didn't have to stand still for too long and to make sure her seat was really close to me so she could be on alert, haha! What an adventure. I can't wait to get my dress back and see what it looks like when it finally fits!



I am now a Lander Alumni, you guys! Yesterday was graduation day and today I woke up a college graduate and an educated woman...or so my degree says so ;)

What a whirlwind yesterday was. When Josh and I pulled out of Lander between the brick columns and fountains, the waterworks came on full forced and I'm pretty sure I broke out into a "I can't do this, take me back, don't drive away!" Haha, what a mess! But as soon as Lander was out of sight, I was happy to have accomplished so much. Man, was it tough to leave, I really wasn't expecting to be so sad when I left. But I gotta tell ya, walking across that stage, I don't think I could have smiled any bigger or walked any prouder, that was one proud moment.

I'm ready for whatever life has to offer me. I'm ready to follow my career path, whatever the Lord has for me, and five months from this exact day I'm ready to marry my sweet, sweet man. What a few months I have ahead of me. I'm anxious, nervous, apprehensive, excited and most of all ready. Hey life, here I am and I'm ready to do this!

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 photo 073-1_zpsd9df5d1e.jpg



With all the changes and transitions going on for Josh and I right now, we decided it was a good time to sit down together and make a prayer list. A list full of things we wanted to be in deliberate prayer for, things that were very specific. Prayer has become to powerful for me (and the both of us) over the last year and it is the first thing I do before making decisions or when stressful situations arise or just when I need to thank the Lord for all that He has done for me. 

Do you have a prayer list? Many times I lay my head down at night with thoughts of what I need to prayer for and often times it slips my mind all of the things that I wanted to pray for. This is where a specific list comes in handy. You can look over it before you go to say your prayers and if in the middle of your prayer, you forget something on the list, you have it right there to remind me. 

Josh and I made a list for our lives together. It contains things like jobs, house hunting, finances, our wedding, our marriage, and the like. I also have a list for myself of things that I need to be praying for or when people ask me to pray for them. Like asking God to prepare my heart for marriage, how to be a good wife, to present the right job opportunity when the time is right, etc.

I have come to learn over the past few months to be clear with your prayers and to be deliberate with them. I used to pray in a round about way, but now I pray with intention and leave me heart open for the Lord to show me what He may. 



Howdy folks, happy hump day! Today is going to be full of a whole bunch of randomness. Strap on your seatbelts, here we go. Here are a few songs that I can't get enough of lately, I'm listening to them on repeat! I can't listen to these enough, seriously! Especially Kelly and Vince's "Don't Rush" ahhhhh sweet goodness to my ears!

I sat in a classroom at Lander University for the very last time today, bittersweet I tell ya. I graduate in 3 days #holla #readytodothisbiz I also should be hanging on to that 4.0 for this last semester. 

I'm still on the job hunt but I'm certain the good Lord is going to lead me right to the job He wants me to have and through all my prayers He is doing well to keep me from getting frustrated with my hunt. 

I don't think I've told you guys yet but next weekend my girlfriends and I are going to PANAMA CITY for an extended girls weekend and happy graduation/summer celebration. I can't wait to be laying on the beach with some of my favorite ladies, greatness. 

Currently I'm blogging from my closet because I wanted some fresh air so I opened my window and what do you know, a big bee flies in and won't leave. I'm going to chase him out of this joint soon. 

I've been slaving over save the dates designs for the past few days and I'm about to wrap the design up and present it to Josh and let him tell me how much he hates it, haha kidding of course. He is going to tell me how much he loves it and we're going to spend lots of time addressing those bad boys and sending them out. I can't wait for our guests to get them AND to reveal them here on le bloggy! They are awesome I tell you, just wait. 

I'm starting a Bible study with Mackenzie this summer! Her mom is leading it for a group of ladies and Kenz and I are going to join them, I wish I could explain to you how full my heart is knowing that I'm going to be worshiping and fellowshiping with Mackenzie and new ladies this summer!

I'm packing up my room this week and mom and dad are coming to move me out on Friday. Mom is spending the night on Friday #slumberparty. After I move home, the next time that I move will be into a house with my husband, I can't tell you how sweet that sound is to my ears.

Well, that really was a bunch of randomness for today's post, but I hope you enjoyed it!



Yesterday our engagement pictures came in the mail! I literally ran from the post office back to my room to pop that CD in my computer and obsess over all of the pictures. Now that we have these in we can get cracking on our save the dates, which makes me giddy with excitement! So today, I don't have many words but I do have lots of pictures of my better half, I hope you enjoy!

A HUGE thank you to Amanda, our photographer and her husband Jamie, they couldn't have done a better job on our pictures!

 photo 60_zps8d9e02af.jpg
 photo 84_zps4d4c05c4.jpg  photo 115_zps64c5fd79.jpg  photo 114-1_zps40111717.jpg
 photo 76_zps84a8454e.jpg

My prayers are with Boston today. They're also with our country and our world as a whole. So much sadness but the Lord gives us hope and strength and will help everyone rise up. 



Well folks, the day has come and sadly gone, that day being the day that we had tickets to the Masters. Tuesday Josh and I embarked on a very big event for our 2013 year, not as big as our wedding though. That event just happened to be the Masters. All of my southern readers, and possibly all my readers, should know what the Masters is, only the biggest golf event of the year. 

We applied for tickets in June, if you know anything about the Masters you know that getting your hands on tickets is like finding a pot of gold, really. We got really, really lucky this year and our names got picked to get tickets. I'm pretty sure Josh almost went into cardiac arrest the day he found out we got tickets. We got 4 tickets so the two of us and my future in-laws went to the Tuesday practice round. 

I can't even begin to describe to how you perfect the Masters was, I'm talking immaculate. It seemed like not a piece of grass was out of place. The bathrooms, oh my gosh, they wiped down the toilets before you went to the bathroom, gave you lotion for your hands after you washed them, I mean it was nothing like anything I'd ever seen before. And the whole place was just magical, it sits right off of a main highway but once you get inside, you'd never know. It is like a land of its own, very cool. 

Before Josh, I knew nothing about golf nor cared anything about golf but now, boy oh boy do I love it now. I truly do. I was like a giddy child while we were at the Masters. I knew all of the players, I knew about the course, I knew the clubs being used, Josh is quite a good teacher to say the least. As bad as this may or may not be because he reputation kind of tanked a few years ago, I was elated to see Tiger. I'm talking, chased him around the course until I saw him. He didn't tee off until the afternoon and I had a mini panic attack that he wasn't going to come on the course at all Tuesday, but thank goodness he did. I also saw Rickie Fowler who I'm a big fan of and Phil Mickelson, Jason Day, Bubba Watson, Webb Simpson and the list goes on and on. 

I got super burnt, my feet were dying by the end of the day, and I am was some sort of tired but what a day at the Masters. I am literally itching to go back, the Masters bug has bitten me. I attribute that to Josh. I had such a good time on Tuesday and I hope we get to go back in the very near future. Oh and have I mentioned that Josh has a picture shaking Tigers hand at the Masters many, many years ago and Tiger's signature is on it. Talk about signed, sealed, delivered. Now for the fun part, pictures!

To say that Josh was in heaven all day would be an understatement. He probably loves the Masters almost as much as he loves me. It was so neat to me to be able to take part in something he loves so much and has taught me so much about that I have come to love it too. Just another great example of taking interest in what your partner enjoys, because of me doing that I was able to experience the Masters yesterday with him and totally enjoy it myself and get to finally see what he has been telling me so much about.



For my internship credit this semester I interned with the radio station on campus. Our one and only project was to put together, write, and record a story. The story needed to be a good one. One that hooked people, made them want to listen, and meant something to us. 

When I was told about the assignment my mind starting racing and I was thinking oh my goodness what in the world am I going to record? What story am I going to tell? And then it hit me, our proposal story! It was perfect. I had to do a lot  a little bribing to get to Josh to agree, but thankfully he did! I am so excited to have this recorded and put together so well. We sat down and wrote out the day, through my eyes and through his and in the recording we go back and forth telling the story. After we wrote it, we recorded it and then my professor and I perfected it with music and sound effects. 

This is the most special project that I have done in college and I am so proud of it. I love, love, love the fact that I have our proposal story on a recording. The emotion in our voices, the words we chose to describe the day, everything about it is perfect. 

I hope you enjoy listening to our story, I could listen to it all day, everyday. That is one sweet man I'm marrying. The Lord sure did bless me. This recording is something that we can keep forever and go back and listen to any time we want to relive that very special day. I can sit back, close my eyes, and feel like I'm right back in that moment on December 2. It is so wonderful. Josh sure does have a way with words!



This weekend I put on my cap and gown and strutted around campus while Josh photographed me. That statement just made it sound much more glamorous than it actually was, haha!

I wanted to get a few keepsake pictures in front of some prominent landmarks on campus and I must say Mr. Colvin did quite a good job on the pictures. 

 photo 003-6_zpsc93adfe4.jpg

Looking through these pictures really makes me reflect on my time at Lander and how quickly it has passed by. What.a.blessing. these last three years have been. I have grow more than I ever thought possible. I have been educated by some great educators and I am leaving this institution with more knowledge than I ever thought I'd have. 

The friendships that have developed in this place truly awe me, I am leaving some of my best friends behind this month, but I am certain that these friendships are going to continue to grow and blossom over the years. I am so humbled to have been able to meet so many great people and befriend them all. 

 photo 040_zpsad852b45.jpg

I don't know exactly what my future holds beyond my graduation, besides getting married! But I do know that I am leaving this place equipped with the knowledge and confidence in myself to do whatever the Lord may have for me and whatever opportunities await me. 

Lander, I love you. You have been home to me for the last 3 years and those three years have burned into my brain some wonderful memories. I have sat in your classrooms and gained tons of knowledge, I have spent many nights cringing over papers and projects, I have spent times with friends that I'll never forget, and   I have grown and developed. 

 photo 018-6_zpse17992d9.jpg

So here's to graduation, a new start, transitions and changes, and great things to  come! I'm packed full of knowledge, I know myself better than ever and I'm ready to conquer whatever comes next. Thanks, Lander University. 

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