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Whoops, I happened to let Wedding Wednesday pass me by yesterday but nothing wrong with a Wedding Thursday, right?!

Um, how could I forget that a song just happened to be written for our wedding day? 

Ok, ok...maybe not exactly for us, but how perfect is this right. And it helps that I love,love,love Earth, Wind & Fire AND this song, one of my favorites, September!

Kind of thinking about having our bridal party and Josh and I come in together and be introduced as husband and wife before we transition into our first dance!


And on another note, my very last spring break is upon me. I'm flying to Atlanta this afternoon and then on a plane to London-Heathrow! I am OVER THE MOON excited! So it'll be pretttttty quiet around this here blog next week but don't worry as soon as I return and I sleep off my jet lag be expecting a post all about London that I'm sure will be full of tons of pictures!

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