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I posted awhile back about how I asked my girls to be my bridesmaids, now it's time to meet them and get up close and personal! I could not ask for sweeter or more beautiful bridesmaids! God has blessed me with the sweetest and most caring people in my life and I am thankful everyday. 

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Miss Griffyn, Maid of Honor
Griffyn is a JEWEL. You will not meet anyone sweeter than she is and I can guarantee that. Griff is the definition of a true, caring friend. Her and I have been friends for quite some time now and we survived high school together which automatically means that we'll be besties for the long haul, high school is tough people! We were also roommates our freshmen year of college! Griffyn is beautiful inside and out and such a great role model for people of all ages. I don't know one person that doesn't adore Griffyn, real talk. And SMART, oh my word the girl is a genius, 100%. She motivated and dedicated to all that she does and to everyone in her life. Griffyn, I love you!

Miss Rebecca
Oh Rebecca, love her to pieces, you just have no idea. Rebecca and I have been friends for a long time as well and we have watched each other grow and change over the years. Her and I are polar opposites, I mean we could not be any different. I can't tell you how many times I've been asked by multiple people how we are friends because we are different, haha! And not only are we friends, Rebecca is my best friend. She knocks me down a few notches me I'm acting crazy and always brings me back to reality. She is so honest and I love that about her. She is also an adventure seeker and sometimes I get to go along with her. She's forced tofu down my throat, dragged me to random concerts, and made me try her strange concoctions of food. Rebecca inspires me to be a dreamer and a traveler. She really does dance to the beat of her own drum and I really admire her and look up to her for that. She is my soul sister. 

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Miss Mackenzie
Mackenzie and I went to rival high schools. We've also lived 10 minutes away from each other for all of our lives and had no idea until a few months ago. Mackenzie and I's friendship really developed our sophomore year of college and it's taken off and hasn't stopped yet. Mackenzie inspires me to be a better person each day. The girl know's the Bible backwards and forwards and I love that about her! She has really helped me grow in my walk with Christ and she is one of the first people that I've really opened up to and discussed my relationship with Christ with. She has also been praying over Josh and I so much and I can't thank her enough for that. Mackenzie will ALWAYS keep you laughing and bring a smile to your face. She really lights up a room, it's hard to find a lot of people like that now-a-days. You'll very rarely find a negative thing coming out of Mackenzie's mouth. She is such a good person and so caring!

Miss Kellie
Kellie...oh Kellie! Kellie, Kayla, Rebecca and I have been a foursome for a long time now. Kellie and Kayla moved away to go to Governor's School after sophomore year of high school. Even though they moved schools our friendship stayed strong, we were each others prom dates, sang our hearts out at a Taylor Swift concert, just to name a few our of adventures. Kellie is my diva, girlfriend has sass like no other! And style and grace too. She also happens to be a genius (I have the smartest friends on the face of the planet). Kellie is my partner in crime when it comes to wedding planning. She loves all things wedding, just like me! She has a poise about her that is undeniable and she is overflowing with love for people.

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Miss Kayla
Kayla and Kellie are twins! (If you haven't noticed already) And just like Kellie, Kayla is also a genius! Kayla is our rebel and I love it. Kayla, like Rebecca, dances to the beat of her drum and I admire her for that. She does what she wants and I think that is such a valuable quality of hers. She also has a huge heart, if you need something, call her and she will be on the ball getting it done or coming to see you. Kayla is very driven and what she wants, she gets. She is going to be incredibly successful one day and I have loved watching her grow and change over the years. She also has the best "sexy curl" hair on the face of the earth. 

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Miss Jenny
Jenny is my future sister-in-law! Being an only child, I am STOKED to be gaining a sister. Jenny is incredibly talented and artistic. A few of her paintings are hanging in Josh's apartment and I am so excited to have them in our house, her work is incredible! What I love about Jenny is that I can tell how much Josh loves her and she loves him. They really have a special relationship and relate to each other so well and I love that! Jenny also has the cutest shoe collection you'll ever find. She has great style and loves clothes, a girl after my own heart! She just moved to Dallas to start her graphic designer career, she has big things in store!

So there you have it, my nearest and dearest ladies. I love you all and am over the moon to share my big day with you!

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  1. i love your purple polish... and looks like you have some great BM's. yay for gaining a sister!


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