I'm going to let you in on a little secret, I have a love affair with chambray. (Sssssh! Don't tell my fiance that he has to share my heart!)

Chambray has become THE staple of my closet. I bought this shirt 3 years ago at Old Navy and wore it maybe a handful of times. Now I can't stay out of this thing! 

These red pants are from Catos and are my absolute favorite pants that I own! So comfortable and so soft. And to put the cherry on top, I paid $7 for them, holla! 

Ever since Josh gave me these TOMS for Valentines I've been living in them, they go with everything!

 photo 062-3_zps98c7b4f3.jpg  photo 063-2_zps126a2f77.jpg  photo 064-3_zpsc0d1b0d8.jpg  photo 065_zps5da725e2.jpg

I also have a pair of floral pants that I pair with my chambray top! Chambray is great to go along with colored bottoms. I think I'll be wearing this shirt when I'm 80, and I'm not kidding!

Happy Monday folks!
3 more weeks of classes left!

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  1. Seriously chambray is my life! It is always a part of my "comfy outfits"! You look great !!!


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